I had been working as a business line manager in supply chain at Nestle’s Goa Plant. To be honest I was doing great in my work. 

But I always wanted to learn about Machine Learning and Data Science. I wanted to explore these fields without having to worry about leaving my job.

That’s where I found out about the AlmaBetter LER program through LinkedIn. People had been giving good recommendations about the program claiming that it encompasses all the essential aspects of Data Science, much comprehensive and lucid in structure and approach. 

When I found out AlmaBetter would let me sign an Income Share Agreement, I was like,

"That sounds fair… If the instruction isn't up to par and I don't get a Data Science job, I don't have to pay anything? I'm just gonna apply and see."

I applied for the program and got the selection confirmation soon. Starting from the first week, the program felt a lot immersive and I was quickly drawn into the Data Science field. 

Things felt easy to follow and after months of intensive preparation, I was able to land a really good Data Science job at Blackbuck. To my surprise, I was able to get more than 50% hike from my previous salary and that was a lot. 

My family had been going through a tough financial phase recently and this was a huge relief for me. 

I am open to exploration and learning new things and that is the one thing which has set me cruising on my Data Science journey. Folks at AlmaBetter have been super friendly and immensely helpful in guiding me throughout. I have huge admiration for their effort in helping people land very good Data Science jobs.