I am a native from Rajasthan and completed my high school from Churu. I then went on to do my B.Tech  in Mechanical Engineering which I really enjoyed learning. Since the initial college days, I had been actively involved in doing business and bringing some values on the table. I started my first venture Cutget, an online affiliate marketing platform. After that, I founded two start-ups and was doing that until last year. I was then inclined towards exploring the field of Artificial Intelligence and I really wanted to do something on that front. 

I was exploring online resources to pursue my interest and I stumbled upon the LER program offered by AlmaBetter. 

“The best part of the program were the hands-on projects on which I collaborated with my peers.“

Those gruelling 8 months of rigorous training with daily assignments, projects and all the placement preparation sessions helped a lot to bring out the best in me. Earlier I was a bit averse towards doing actual coding related stuff but the folks at AlmaBetter made sure everything came naturally to me and it hit off. 

I interviewed at a couple of companies including Myntra and I got a really good opportunity with them as a Machine Learning Engineer in my first attempt. I have had the opportunity to put really targeted recommendation models in production and I really can’t believe I could do this one year ago. 

Already having had an entrepreneurship mindset, I think it blends well with core Data Science technologies and it bears a lot of immense potential. I am already working on improving my past ventures with AI and hopefully I will make a breakthrough soon.