I hail from Patna and graduated last year from KIIT in Civil Engineering. My parents spent a lot of money for my college fees as you know private colleges are expensive in India. Also it sucks that they don’t even care if we get placed. To be honest, I didn’t care much in college as it didn’t offer me much curiosity to pursue and I didn’t know what I really wanted to do. 

Graduating from a college without any job had already put me in despair and I was losing the battle.

Then suddenly towards the end of my college days, AlmaBetter came to rescue. They were ready to believe in me and were willing to bet in my future and that too without any upfront tuition fee.

Their application progress was rigorous and I went all for it. Luckily I got selected for the LER program due to my commitment. I received strong support from my mentors and coaches at AlmaBetter. They made sure I was making good progress on a daily basis. Group projects were really fun too. 

Finally the placement month came. I was a little anxious but I was mentally prepared this time. I made sure I structured my resume well, took a lot of  mock interviews which helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses. Then I interviewed at three companies and got an offer from HSBC in a Data Analytics role at the Gurgaon office. 

I cannot thank AlmaBetter enough for their splendid support throughout my journey with them. Personally I feel like I am a totally changed person now. As they say when the Sun sets, it rises another day as well. And that happened to me too. Life is tough but we have to believe in ourselves and keep putting all the efforts necessary to  make changes around and within us.