I completed my B.Tech in Electrical Engineering in 2016 and had been working with Capgemini as an Associate Consultant for three years until I met one of the students at AlmaBetter who introduced me to the founders. 

I was doing a fairly good job at Capgemini and I felt like I hit a plateau after a while. I wanted to be challenged. I was looking for other fields to explore and I thought why not get into Data Science. I took a great interest in the field and I was determined to become a Data Scientist soon. 

I enrolled for the LER program while doing my job because it was a part time program and suited best to my commitment and availability. Gradually everything sorted out and I was able to make a transition into the field as a Data Scientist. Fortunately, I made an internal switch into the Data Science team for one of the biggest clients. 

I'm excited to go to work everyday. I have realized I have become a more curious individual. I'm curious about what I'm going to discover or run into, what problems, what solutions. It's been a journey, and I couldn’t have gotten there with AlmaBetter support, curriculum, and encouragement.

“AlmaBetter has given me a lot more confidence in myself, and from an educational perspective, they hit the nail on the head.”