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Admissions FAQs

We charge a nominal admission fee for our Full Stack Data Science and Full Stack Web Development offerings. This fee is entirely refundable once you complete the course and are selected for AlmaX. The refundable fee model helps us in filtering non-serious candidates and benefit the most eligible students.
AlmaBetter's courses are open to anyone willing to learn Data Science or Web Development. There is no limitation with respect to your educational background or stage of study. The courses are especially beneficial for people who have jobs or other commitments and therefore want to learn Data Science or Web Development from scratch at their own pace. Also, if you have already done some courses and want our placement services, you can enrol in any of the two courses and be eligible for placements just after clearing the competency tests. To summarise, the courses are suitable for everyone, whether you are a beginner with no coding background or you have done some courses in either Data Science or Web Development.
A cohort is just another term used for a batch.
No, you don't have to take any test to enrol in the Full Stack courses that we offer.
No, it is not mandatory to opt for the placement drive. However, the admission fee is refunded only when you opt for the placement drive.
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