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AlmaBetter provided me with a chance to improve myself and chase my dreams.

"The mentorship sessions prepared me for the job interviews and trained me to perform confidently under pressure. "

MD Asif secured multiple pre-placement from MapOut and zingbus within 16 weeks of the program commencement. Let's hear what Asif has to say about his experience at AlmaBetter.

Hey everyone, my name is MD Asif, and I completed my in Computer Science from Galgotia’s College Greater Noida in 2020. My love for mathematics was the primary reason I decided to pursue Data Science, and that’s when I enrolled in AlmaBetter’s Pro Program. I secured multiple pre-placement offers from companies like MapOut and Zingbus within 16 weeks of the program commencement. I am currently working as a Business Analyst at Zingbus.

In my opinion, AlmaBetter stands for Honesty and trust. AlmaBetter’s student-centered curriculum caught my eye. Moreover, AlmaBetter follows Pay After Placement Model, which is unique and helpful for young Data Science enthusiasts. Also, AlmaBetter provides one-on-one mentorship sessions to every student, which is motivating and valuable.

My experience with the AlmaBetter Pro Program was flawless. Pro Program is designed perfectly for every student. AlmaBetter provides unlimited access to pre-recorded classes which was beneficial for me as I could learn at my own pace. Moreover, the competency challenges and Capstone Projects helped me to grasp challenging concepts quickly. Also, the AMA sessions were beneficial in understanding the use case of Machine Learning in the real world.

Talking about my learning experience at AlmaBetter, it was unique and adventurous. The risk-free educational approach that AlmaBetter is taking is something that made my learning experience even better. The minimum refundable cost of the Pro Program helped me in focusing on my career without worrying about the financial aspect. Moreover, the robust curriculum that AlmaBetter has designed is something that made AlmaBetter stand out.

Furthermore, working on Capstone projects expanded my knowledge of the industry. These Projects helped me in applying my theoretical knowledge to solve real-world problems. Working with like-minded individuals improved my teamwork skills, and delivering presentations with the team boosted my confidence.

The one-on-one mentorship sessions are the best and my favorite element of the program. The mentorship sessions prepared me for the job interviews and trained me to perform confidently under pressure. The mentors focused on my weak points and also told me where there is room for improvement.

My placement journey as a Pro Program member was flawless. Multiple Mock interviews helped me defend my resume more efficiently and boosted my confidence for the real interview. AlmaBetter provided me with ample opportunities to improve myself throughout this fantastic experience. AlmaBetter made sure that I was well prepared for the interview to secure the best job.

AlmaBetter provided me with a chance to improve myself and chase my dreams. My journey at AlmaBetter was wonderful, and I learned a lot throughout the experience. I would recommend the Pro Program to everyone looking for a place to learn and chase their dream of becoming a Data Scientist. AlmaBetter is doing a great job by providing risk-free education.

MD Asif

MD Asif
Business Analyst

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