Terms and conditions for AlmaX

All students enrolled in AlmaBetter’s learning programs are eligible for the AlmaX program once they clear the prerequisites. These prerequisites are kept to ensure that students are motivated enough to enter the fast-growing Data Science and Web Development domain and have gained relevant knowledge to start their job hunt.

To be eligible for the AlmaX Placement program -

  • Students should hold a valid graduation degree or should at least be in their final year.
  • Students who hold only a Diploma shall not be eligible for the AlmaX Placement Program.
  • Should be an Indian Citizen.
  • Students should hold the AlmaBetter Program Completion certificate.
  • Prerequisites for Program Completion Certificate

Competency Challenges

Competency challenges are designed to solidify your theoretical learning. Completing these challenges is mandatory for the completion certificate, which is required for the AlmaX program. The passing threshold is 75%, and you are allowed to attempt each challenge 3 times with a gap of 7 days. All competency challenges are closely monitored, and any malpractice can result in your termination.

Capstone Projects

The capstone project integrates core ideas, concepts, and principles learnt in the preceding modules and puts them to work in real-world problems. Working on projects helps students boost team-building skills and learn new solutions to problems. Your project will get approval if you score 70% or higher. If rejected, you can choose another project from the topic. You can submit 3 projects in the same case for evaluation. If any plagiarism is detected, you will be terminated from the AlmaX program.

What happens once I complete all AlmaX eligibility requirements?

  • You will receive a notification from the AlmaBetter team regarding the AlmaX curriculum.
  • You can refer to the details about the AlmaX batch announcement here.
  • You will sign an ISA for the threshold amount of 6 LPA for Data Science and 5 LPA for Web Development. Once you sign the ISA, your admission fee will be refunded into your account within 45 days from the date of ISA signing.
  • The job hunt (resume sharing process) shall commence from Week 9 of AlmaX Program.
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