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Our learners are the centre of our universe. We take a lot of pride in their journey. These stories and testimonials fuel our ambitions at AlmaBetter.

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Testimonials from our Learners

I can surely say that my learning experience at AlmaBetter was remarkably different from my previous learning experiences.

Lalith M

"AlmaBetter’s curriculum is robust and unique, and I secured multiple job offers even before completing the Pro Program. "

Ankit Raj
Data Scientist

"The course is filled with unique elements like Capstone Projects, AMA Sessions, and fun quizzes, which are very engaging."

Sanjeev M
Data Scientist

"All the mentors were very helpful, and I loved the way they taught mathematics and machine learning."

Roopesh Valluru
Data Analyst

"Connecting with people from various backgrounds, not just technical backgrounds, made the cohort very inclusive. "

Romaly Das
Associate - Analytics & Business Insights

"The flexible learning environment with pre-recorded lectures allowed me to learn at my own pace. "

Pradip Solanki
Computer Vision Engineer

"Mentorship sessions helped me improve my communication skills and articulate my knowledge efficiently. I learned something new from every session."

Nikhila Sindhe
Senior Data Analyst

"The Quality content and study material provided by AlmaBetter make the learning journey seamless."

Jimmi Kumar Bharti
Project Officer
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