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5 Reasons why your Homepage design needs to be on point

Published: 12th October, 2023

Arpit Mehar

Content Developer Associate at almaBetter

With more and more businesses shifting to online mode, it is imperative to have a decent website in the current scenario. A website is a platform to convert potential visitors into your clients and ...

All the digital content and web design layout can be crucial in attracting the audience. There are a lot of questions, such as how will people feel when they first visit your website? What is convincing for them to explore your brand further?

Your website’s homepage is the living room to your house; whenever guests arrive, it is the first point of exploration of your home, i.e., in this case, the website. In addition, your homepage is probably your first chance to hook a new customer. So, the game-changing ability of your homepage isn’t one to be taken lightly. Before we look at some more reasons to have a well-designed homepage for your website, let’s see what all makes a good homepage design.

Which elements make up a good homepage design?

Almost every organization in the world has its website; however, several businesses still don’t consider channeling efforts into creating a user-friendly website. It is essential to put the audience at ease. Thus, a homepage should be clean and user-friendly.

An interactive homepage is not only appealing to the eye but also helps in highlighting the critical features of your website. In addition, it describes a lot about your organization through the interface. Moreover, a good homepage should definitely have relevant call-to-action buttons that will get you your desired results. Also, the speed and performance of your website are as important as the mentioned elements. According to research, slow and unresponsive websites are unpleasant to visitors, which might result in a potential customer’s loss.

Why is the homepage design so essential?

The first impression is the last Your homepage is the first point of contact, and studies have suggested that most visitors form an opinion about your website within the first 15 seconds of visiting it. Hence, it is crucial to make the first impression count. Even before consuming the content on your website, they will naturally take in the layout, colors, design, etc. Hence, an aesthetic, immersive, user-friendly homepage increases the chance of potential conversion of a visitor into a customer.

The most frequently visited page It is obvious that the homepage is likely to be the most visited page on your website. This is because people are more than likely to see the homepage when they search for your organization on the web. Apart from this, even people who land on other pages in the first instance might be diverted to the homepage afterward.

So, make sure to keep the page updated and relevant to your offerings, as the homepage will probably receive the highest website traffic.

  • The gate to detailed information about your business As mentioned above, the homepage is the gateway to in-depth details about your business and what it has to offer through relevant and strategic call-to-action keys. The positioning and layout of these buttons should be kept in mind so that the customers can navigate around your website swiftly.

Thus, having a handy dashboard with a seamless navigation bar is essential. Without these elements, your efforts might go in vain as the visitor might not be able to explore your services efficiently.

The hub for growing your social media accounts Not only is it a way to show that your offerings are credible, but the presence of social media links on your homepage also helps showcase your diverse web presence to the visitors. It is an excellent rapport-building strategy that contributes to the layout of the homepage. A great way of growing an audience on your social media platforms is by redirecting them from the website homepage. The presence of these handles on your homepage is like the cherry on the top.

The ideal platform to showcase your brand The homepage is essentially a digital brochure showcasing what the brand offers. The homepage must paint the right picture regarding the vision, mission, and what makes your business stand out. You have the creative freedom to decide how you want the brand to be portrayed online.

Believe it or not, the language, color scheme of your homepage, tone of your content, and image choices can help build a strong foundation amongst the audience.

Conclusion: Considering the above reasons and the natural importance of the website homepages, web developers are expected to have a fundamental knowledge of UI/UX designing. If you are looking for a program or course in web development, then AlmaBetter’s Full Stack Web Development could be the right choice for you. The curriculum includes learning modules that will help you master the art of UI/UX.

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