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AC Milan's new NFT project


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Published on16 May, 2023

AC Milan’s NFT Branded Assets in MonkeyLeague

AC Milan, in collaboration with MonkeyLeague, a Solana-based Web3 football game, has created a new set of NFT-branded game purchases for the game. In a recent public statement, the Italian club announced that the collaboration made MonkeyLeague the official NFT abettor of the group. The club also revealed a few plans with this massive partnership. They indicated that the organization would work closely with the club on an assortment of substantial AC Milan game resources, including stadiums, players, and skins.

Casper Stylsvig, who is the Chief Revenue Officer of the club, backed the significance of the digital presence of AC Milan for its fans.

Stylsvig is exceptionally proud to be one of the first football clubs to launch this NFT initiative for their fans. He is also excited about the collaboration with MonkeyLeague as this will allow the club to be a part of Web3 and its prospects, along with other computerized developments that might happen in the future. Stylsvig is delighted to announce this partnership as it allows fans from all over the world to engage with their favorite team in a new and innovative way.

Elements and Backgrounds

AC Milan launched these new NFTs at a scheduled sale on October 6th. Another fascinating thing about this partnership was that it allowed fans to collect physical elements related to the club and the new resources, i.e., the NFTs, during the sale. In addition, many auctioned NFTs also included physical jerseys signed by the AC Milan team.

The football club has been standing tall for years. The reason behind their success is that the group has always been up to date with the trends and the demands of the fans and the team members. Hence, with this new NFT project, the club team members will be playtesting several elements of the game in order to provide feedback to MonkeyLeague to make it more engaging and captivating for the users. This, however, is not the team’s first foray into Web3 projects, as the group has already launched a fan token in partnership with

Recently, the club also partnered with Bitmex, a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, which was announced as the first official sleeve partner for the team. As a result, AC Milan is changing the way fans interact with the club, and we might see several other groups step up their game and enter the Web3 world with even more intriguing partnerships.

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