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Data Science to Predict & Prevent Crime - Here's How

Published: 16th May, 2023

Bala Ganesh

Content Writer at almaBetter

Data Science is the best tool to prevent and predict crime. Yes! Let the ‘what’ sink in before you dig deeper into the ‘how’. Who doesn’t love a classic whodunit story topped with conspiracy, mystery, twists, and turns?

However, there’s a little twist to the story. Crimes and criminals are only enjoyable when they are fictional. Nobody wishes for them to exist in real life. However, ironically, we live in a world where everything has its place. Crime is a formidable extension of culpable emotions. There’s no standard interpretation of a crime and the criminal, but an earnest attempt to prevent it. Attempts were carried out by numerous law and order departments across the world. Unfortunately, there is no cure to end the ill-happenings that occur in society. Despite the many scientific studies, preventive departments, dedicated law enforcement agents, and more, there is no definitive preventive solution to the crimes.

When things get out of hand, that’s when technology waves its magic wand. Metaphorically and practically, technology has always aided us every step of the way since its advent. Speaking of, here comes Data Science yet again to the aid of law and enforcement to tackle crimes and criminals. It helps predict and prevent crimes through criminal profiling, criminal detection, behavior analysis, etc., and it has shown some real results.

It’s fascinating how Data Science can bring change to the world we are a part of – and of course, in law enforcement. So here’s a clear take on how data science can predict and prevent crime quickly and effectively.

How can Data Science help prevent crime?

The search for an effective solution to prevent crimes before they happen is always on. Then came Data Science with a swooping storm, making all the wait worthwhile. Criminal profiling: This process of profiling a criminal’s behavior assists law enforcement in perfectly anticipating the steps of a criminal. The process digs deeper into developing descriptive details, which definitely takes time. With data analytics, now the enforcers can simply create many accurate profiles using machine learning to identify the recurring patterns.

Social media policing: Data analytics is a real stalker – in a good way. Across the world, billions of people use social media vigorously. Using modern data analytic tools, analyzing zillions of comments and likes becomes easy. By doing that, if the system comes across any criminal intent, the authorities get into action and prevent the crime before it is committed.

The Gun Law: It is the most bizarre yet unavoidable law. Many unfortunate things have happened with the law. However, with data analytics, police can successfully track guns on a daily basis. In other cases, the shells of bullets left at a crime scene can also lead to successful apprehensions.

Tracking convicts: The mind of a criminal is unpredictable. Hence, the need for parole boards. Using data analytics, implemented under the parole law, authorities can track the convicts before they commit any criminal act. Public safety is the prime responsibility of law enforcement, and data analytics takes care to keep it intact.

How can Data Science help predict crimes?

Predicting crimes is similar to walking on a tightrope with your eyes closed. As tough as it may sound, it has always been a service to society—in criminal terminology. Predictive policing: The effective application of acquired statistics and analytics and using triangulation gives authorities a headstart in reinforcing the areas with additional patrolling and policing. This way, the most crime-prone areas feel exposed to the governance of law enforcement.

Data mining: Data mining is the best and the most innovative way of predicting crimes offered by Data Science. It is an inventive process where the system identifies a variety of patterns, robberies, and homicides and determines the next imminent threat with proper evidence.

Spotting abusers: The greatest gift Data Science has presented to the crime world is the accurate spotlighting of sexual abusers, pedophiles, and convicts. With the advanced usage of data analytics, authorities can easily find the culprits by monitoring the exchange of explicit images of children, women, etc. and help them in apprehending criminals with great preventive measures.

Cyber Crimes: The most rampant crime in the world is the crime that happens on the web. With no face and a false IP address, it’s almost physically impossible to put an end to the ongoing fraudulent and bullying crimes. With Data Science in the house, it is now easy to counterattack pyramid schemes, money laundering, blackmailing, insurance frauds, and insider trading. Data analytics not only gives away the location to catch the perpetrators but also provides evidence that can be used against them in a court of law. Isn’t that fascinating?

Conclusion: Data Science is the literal personification of the motto: Never Settle. Modern policing and law enforcement have evolved enormously with the intervention of Data Science. Predicting a crime rather than acting on it after it occurs has become easier. Data Science has paved the way for the law to support data-driven decision-making. Taking into consideration the stats and success of Data Science, the future of law enforcement and liberal activism will continue to go through rapid changes for the good. This will help produce many more inventive techniques and futuristic devices to make society a better place to live in.

Data Science is everywhere. If you also aspire to become a successful Data Scientist or Analyst and learn more about the world’s leading subjects, enroll into AlmaBetter’s Full Stack Data Science Program and create a successful career for yourself with constant growth.

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