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Data Scientist Salary in India 2023 (Freshers & Experienced)


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Published on09 May, 2023

With great power come great salaries! You have come to the right place if you are curious about the potential of India’s Data Science industry. We’re taking a sneak peek into the crystal ball to see the Data Scientist salary in India for 2023.

Let’s investigate the future of Data Science salary in India, whether you are an experienced data professional or just dipping your toes into the area! Job opportunities in Data Science have multiplied during the past few years alone. As a result, the field will continue to grow in popularity.

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Data Science encompasses the fields of data analytics, data architecture, and data engineering, each of which is a distinct profession. The most well-liked job title is that of a Data Scientist, which provides freshers with a more accessible entry point and solid future scope and career possibilities.

Data Scientists are also easily adaptable to various specialized fields or sub-domains. To know more about data science professionals and their roles, check out our blog, where you will learn everything about Data Scientists’ types, functions, and responsibilities.

The average Data Scientist’s salary in India is around 10 LPA which ranges between 3.6 and 30 lakhs.

Factors that influence a Data Scientist’s salary

Education and Experience: Like with most occupations, a Data Scientist’s income is greatly influenced by their education and experience. Compared to a recent graduate with no job experience, a Data Scientist with several years of experience can earn a higher salary.

Industry: The industry in which a Data Scientist works can also impact their salary. For example, Data Scientists in the finance or healthcare sectors can expect to earn higher salaries than those in the retail or education sectors.

Company Size and Location: Larger companies in major cities like Mumbai and Bangalore offer higher salaries than smaller companies in smaller cities.

Technical Skills: Data Science is a technical field that requires a specific set of skills, such as programming, data analysis, and machine learning. A Data Scientist with solid technical skills can command a higher salary than someone with basic skills.

Certification and Training: Data Science certifications and training programs can also impact a Data Scientist’s salary. A certificate from a reputable institution like AlmaBetter can add significant value to a Data Scientist’s resume and increase their earning potential.

Data Scientist salaries in major cities in India


  • Average Salary: 13 LPA
  • Ranges Between: Rs. 5 LPA to 25 LPA
  • Average Take Home Salary per month: Rs. 80k


  • Average Salary: Rs. 8.5 LPA
  • Ranges Between: Rs. 3.3 LPA to 20 LPA
  • Average Take Home Salary per month: Rs. 64k


  • Average Salary: Rs. 9.5 LPA
  • Ranges Between: Rs. 4 LPA - 22 LPA
  • Average Take Home Salary per month: Rs. 70k


  • Average Salary: Rs. 8 LPA
  • Ranges Between: Rs. 3.5 LPA - 20 LPA
  • Average Take Home Salary per month: 60k


  • Average Salary: Rs. 7.3 LPA
  • Ranges Between: Rs. 4 LPA - 26 LPA
  • Average Take Home Salary per month: Rs. 55k


  • Average Salary: Rs. 11 LPA
  • Ranges Between: Rs. 5 LPA - 24 LPA
  • Average Take Home Salary per month: Rs. 80k


  • Average Salary: Rs. 10 LPA
  • Ranges Between: Rs. 4 LPA - 25 LPA
  • Average Take Home Salary per month: Rs. 60k


  • Average Salary: Rs. 9 LPA
  • Ranges Between: Rs. 4L - 25L
  • Average Take Home Salary per month: 60k - 70k


  • Average Salary: Rs. 9.3 LPA
  • Ranges Between: Rs. 3.1 LPA - 22 LPA
  • Average Take Home Salary per month: Rs. 70k


  • Average Salary: Rs. 7 LPA
  • Ranges Between: Rs. 3 LPA - 17 LPA
  • Average Take Home Salary per month: Rs. 54k


  • Average Salary: Rs. 7.6 LPA
  • Ranges Between: Rs. 3 LPA - 12 LPA
  • Average Take Home Salary: Rs. 60k

Data Scientist salary for freshers

While Data Scientist salaries for freshers in India may not be as high as those with more experience, it’s still a lucrative career path with plenty of growth opportunities. The average salary of a fresher in the field of Data Science is 4 LPA in India.


The demand for Data Scientists in India is growing at an unprecedented pace, with companies across various sectors looking to harness the power of data. And this demand for skilled professionals has led to a rise in training programs and courses for Data Science.

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The career coaching and mentorship offered by AlmaBetter’s Full Stack Data Science program may be helpful for new hires navigating the challenging employment market. In addition, you’ll get personalized support from domain experts who can assist you in acquiring the abilities and information required to flourish as a Data Scientist.

AlmaBetter’s curriculum is the best curriculum available online. AlmaBetter’s program is engaging, comprehensive, and student-centered. If you are honestly interested in Data Science, you cannot ask for a better platform than AlmaBetter.

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