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Essential skills & tools to prosper as a developer in India

Published: 16th May, 2023

Arpit Mehar

Content Developer Associate at almaBetter

Blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies are currently some of the most trending terms all around the world. Metaverse is another term that is said to be the next big idea and can revolutionize the way people interact with each other on the Internet.

On the other hand, away from all the hype, several technologies are more relevant to the times and are actually booming. So, what skills are needed for a developer to prosper in India? What, in 2022, are the tech tools that will foster their future career growth? This blog will look at all the relevant, thriving skills and tools that can help a developer.

It is fair to say that almost every role is currently centered around software development and data, helping the associate technologies thrive. However, suppose budding developers are considering building a career. In that case, they are usually advised to master the combination of web development, mobile development, and DevOps—which integrates software development and IT operations—data analysis, and artificial intelligence/machine learning.

There are a few points that an aspiring developer should keep in mind to keep up with the evolving technologies:

  • First, the focus should be on learning through practice instead of theory.
  • Working on a project on the side or personal projects is advised. This helps simulate real-world cases better and builds the muscle for debugging and finding solutions to issues on Google/StackOverflow.
  • For students, it is advised to go for an internship parallel to ongoing academic learning.

Internships are essential since there is no alternative to real-life practical experiences. Finding such opportunities in this day and age is not a challenge since companies are allowing employees to work remotely. Moreover, the role of software engineers, web developers, DevOps specialists, and data analysts are in demand in the remote working universe.

Online training for such skills is easily available and accessible on platforms like AlmaBetter. Most of the courses offer practical learning; for instance, AlmaBetter provides practical knowledge through its curriculum, including building an end-to-end application.

Combining all this learning allows you to get the hang of skills that will prove highly beneficial down the line. Moreover, the presence of an online community makes this a collaborative space. AlmaBetter’s tech community is one of the most significant communities that help students learn with peers and help each other out. Also, the project you worked on might be helpful to others in the ecosystem - a developer miles away can benefit from your project.

Furthermore, the high demand for these technologies is impacting our education system. Therefore, institutions include courses in their curriculum focusing on advanced science and technology. Fortunately, some institutions are introducing coding and fundamental IT, which will be very beneficial for 1st-year undergraduates. Thus, they will have basic knowledge of such technologies and languages before stepping into the world of web development.

On the other hand, career advancement isn’t solely dependent on what technology you know. Soft skills also play a vital role. According to experts, hard skills, such as programming languages, frameworks, etc., account for only 30% of your position. The remaining 70% is about soft skills such as communication, collaboration, leadership, and teamwork.

Conclusion To conclude, there is no need to restrict yourself to learning just a single tech, but make sure the course you opt for offers solid practical knowledge. In addition, seek out work opportunities: the more experience you gain, the better you will be prepared when you finally land that dream tech job.

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