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Features And Benefits Of Almabetter Full Stack Development Course

Published: 16th May, 2023

Vibha Gupta

Technical Content Writer at almaBetter

What are the features of AlmaBetter’s Full Stack Development course and how it aims to benefit aspirants in their goals? Find out in this blog!

While some people love web creation’s artistic and creative aspects, others prefer the technical ones. Therefore, there is a third category of people who are experts in both of these areas. The first category includes Front-end Developers, the second comprises Back-end Developers, and the third includes Full Stack Developers.

In this blog, we will talk about AlmaBetter’s Full Stack Development course and how it can benefit you in your goal of becoming a successful developer. Let’s get started!

What is Full Stack Development?

Before talking about the course, let us understand Full Stack Development. Full Stack Development refers to the development of an application from start to finish, including the front and back ends. The user interface is the front-end framework, and the back end handles the business logic and application workflows.

What does a Full Stack Developer do?

Full-Stack Developers create the front and back ends of a website or web application. They, like Software Developers, work on software related to web applications. Therefore, Full Stack Engineers or Developers must be familiar with the entire technological stack and the technologies required to swiftly and efficiently build an end-to-end application.

A Full Stack Developer must be able to:

  • Gain complete ownership and responsibility for the growth of the website.
  • Comprehend the project
  • Conserve the time and money that the project requires.
  • Improve productivity while decreasing turnaround time
  • Rapid and effective fixing of issues in the application

Salary of a Full Stack Developer

In India, the average salary for a Full Stack Engineer is ₹3.75 LPA. A Full-Stack Developer with 1 to 4 years of experience can expect to earn ₹553,006 a year on average. A mid-level employee with 5 to 9 years of experience earns an average income of ₹12-14 lakhs.

Features and benefits of the AlmaBetter Full Stack Development course

Intensive curriculum covering basic to advanced concepts

The Full Stack Web Development Course curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Web Development, from the foundational concepts to the advanced techniques required to create complex web applications.

The curriculum will typically cover HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other programming languages. You will learn how to create responsive websites, design and implement web applications, and optimize web performance. You will also learn about web security, user experience design, and how to integrate various web technologies.

Live classes and lifetime access to recordings

There will be more than 100+ live classes that industry experts will conduct. The students can also access recorded lectures and continue their self-paced learning. The best thing about these recorded lessons is that the students will get lifetime access. So, you can log in to your account and see the recorded videos anytime.

Capstone projects, coding problems, and assessments

With AlmaBetter, students can access 20+ capstone projects, 1000+ coding problems, and assessments to test their knowledge and skills. This will help students concentrate & strengthen their foundations. Furthermore, with these assessments, they can comprehend the concepts better.

Doubt resolution sessions

Doubt resolution sessions are an essential aspect of any course. These sessions allow you to clarify any doubts or questions about Web Development concepts. In these sessions, you can also seek help from your instructors or peers to overcome any roadblocks you may face while working on Web Development projects.

100% placement guarantee

AlmaBetter has partnered with 500+ companies that strive to get you placed as a Full Stack Web Developer. You will also be guided on how to prepare your resume, online portfolio and LinkedIn profile to be able to present and showcase your skills.

You will be groomed by our coaches, committed to making you job-ready. Remember, skills will help you crack the interview, but you must be visible to the recruiters to land an interview.

Benefits of becoming a Full Stack Developer

One of the highest-paid jobs - Because of its impact on business and marketing, Full Stack Development is one of the highest-paying careers in the world. This versatile approach to development assists firms in differentiating themselves and catalyzing revenue growth.

Enables rapid project delivery - A Full Stack Developer’s responsibilities include integration, updates, front-end, and back-end collaboration, and meeting customer requirements. This not only helps to reduce reliance on other teams, which typically delays execution, but it also speeds up the development cycle and reduces costs.

Better development opportunities - There is enormous potential for accelerated growth as firms use this broad skill set to bring speed and cost-effectiveness to their operations. Full Stack Developers have a fast-tracked, multi-dimensional career progression in firms ranging from globally valued end-to-end enterprise solutions to startups.


Whether you have technical experience or are starting from scratch, with a desire to learn through a well-structured program combined with hands-on practice, you can progress from zero to an advanced level where you will be ready to contribute to projects immediately.

Join AlmaBetter’s Full Stack Web Development course with pay after placement facility and start your outcome-oriented learning.

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