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The real reason behind the data science skill gap in India

Published: 19th May, 2023

Arpit Mehar

Content Developer Associate at almaBetter

The data science skill gap is a very critical issue in India currently. We have heard about this for years.

India is one of the largest countries in the world in terms of talent pool, providing skilled IT professionals to companies. So, it is safe to say that many aspiring data science enthusiasts are willing to pursue this challenging domain. Moreover, plenty of skilled data modelers are talented enough to comprehend conceptual data modeling and logical data analysis. The real challenge we face is finding qualified folks to assemble data, craft it, cleanse it, and push their models into production.

In technical terms, organizations look for candidates who understand how to query and connect to databases, execute an object store and containerize models, transform them into APIs, and implant them into edge devices. In simple terms, organizations in every sector desire folks who can implement their practical knowledge to their data sets.

This is the primary reason behind the shortage of skilled data scientists: People are more qualified for a software engineer role than that of a data modeler. The reason behind this is the lack of practical experience and knowledge. Institutions are focused on theoretical learning rather than providing real-world practical education to students. Companies are looking for data scientists who can deliver a product eligible for real-world cases rather than just working on an effective model.

Fortunately, many universities and institutions have included data science in their curriculum to help bridge the skill gap. Colleges and universities will play an essential role in teaching the engineering side of data science and the practical skills required to survive in the corporate world. Although, as we are aware, the addition of this program is relatively fresh and a work in progress, online institutes such as AlmaBetter provide a well-structured curriculum.

Catching up with the world

Although a few colleges and universities have opened the door for all data science enthusiasts, there is certainly room for improvement, especially in providing practical knowledge.

According to students currently enrolled in these universities, some professors are still focused on data science’s mathematical and theoretical aspects. Maybe that’s because they feel their roles are to promote science and not necessarily prepare students for a profession. Undoubtedly, making advancements in science is essential, but there needs to be a balance between the two.

While things are getting better, and more institutions are offering limited courses on putting data science and modeling into application, they need to evolve the curriculum to meet the demand and catch up with the world. The technologies are advancing rapidly, and getting a new course in the curriculum can sometimes take a few years, especially in esteemed government colleges. The disconnect between what is taught and what is needed will continue in the future if required actions are not taken immediately. This is where AlmaBetter is playing its part and upskilling young data science enthusiasts. Let’s look at how AlmaBetter is helping in bridging the data science skill gap.

Bridging the gap

With the robust training that AlmaBetter provides, the company sees a significant opportunity to upskill young talents and give them an edge in securing these jobs. AlmaBetter-trained graduates get hired by tech giants using their hiring portal- AlmaHire. The site is a gateway between their job-ready candidates and 500+ hiring partners. Nearly 70% of AlmaBetter students get placed even before the completion of their program. This can be attributed to an excellently-engineered and industry-relevant curriculum that focuses heavily on the practical usage of Data Science concepts. The instructors hail from premier institutes of the country and adopt innovative and easy-to-grasp learning methods to make learning fun.

To become a skilled data science professional, enroll in AlmaBetter’s Full Stack Data Science program today!

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