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Top 5 Front-end Projects to make your Portfolio Standout

Published: 7th February, 2024

Arpit Mehar

Content Developer Associate at almaBetter

Do you want to build an eye-catching resume to outshine other candidates? Check out these 5 front-end projects for development to make your portfolio stand out!

A front-end developer is an artist who has to create eye-catching and beautiful things in front of a website or application. As technology advances every day, staying updated with the latest trends and front-end projects is essential to build a portfolio that fascinates everyone, especially recruiters.

There are several front-end developers in the workforce today who are already building exciting front-end Web Development projects. Unfortunately, while this initiative helps beginners learn and apply new techniques in their projects, it also makes it hard for them to stand out from the crowd.

If you have recently started your Web Development journey, this is the best time to enhance your portfolio with eye-catching front-end development projects. In this blog, we will explore five best front-end Web Development projects that will make your portfolio stand out.

Here's a quick summary of the projects we'll be covering in this article:

  • Spotify Clone
  • Portfolio Website
  • Meme Generator
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • E-commerce Website

Front-end Web Development Projects

Front-end Web Development Projects

Spotify Clone

We all get tired of ad interruptions while grooving to good music on Spotify. While these ads are mood killers, there is no denying that Spotify offers a fantastic user experience.

Building a Spotify clone is an excellent project for your portfolio, as it will definitely teach you several things. In this exciting front-end project, you will work with Tailwind CSS, Axios, Next Js, and Auth. Moreover, you will also learn UI/UX by working on an enhanced UI/UX, analyzing it, and offering a search bar to users to look for their favorite songs, just like real Spotify.

Portfolio Website

If you have a curious mind, chances are you've explored personal portfolio websites of front-end developers, and undoubtedly, you've come across some awe-inspiring ones. Building a website as a beginner is one of the most exciting as well as challenging front-end development projects.

As a beginner, you can start with building static websites where you can share all your work so far and other fascinating social stuff. Once proficient in creating a static website, you can work on dynamic and multifunctional portfolio websites.  With this project, you can also learn a lot about SEO.

Meme Generator

Who doesn't like memes, right? This is an insightful and fun project, as you will learn several things while having a lot of fun. With this project, you will learn how to utilize a third-party API and JavaScript to fetch data for your application. In addition, with this project, you get a chance to polish your CSS skills and take them to the next level. Adding this front-end developer project to your portfolio lets you showcase your design and API skills. Moreover, with this front-end project, you have the opportunity to learn several things depending on how functional you want to make it.

Virtual Keyboard

If you want to showcase your skills for this project, you must build a virtual keyboard that looks amazing on any device. This front-end development project is relatively easy. All you have to do is create a page with a text area, and then you can add all the functions of a physical keyboard to your virtual keyboard. While this can be considered a simple project, you still need good front-end language knowledge. Then, like the meme generator application, you can make your virtual keyboard more interesting and functional.

E-commerce Website

As mentioned before, building a website as a beginner is challenging but exciting. However, creating an e-commerce website like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc., can help you polish your front-end development skills, learn UI/UX to create a better user experience, and test your front-end programming languages knowledge. Therefore, this front-end Web Development project will definitely add value to your portfolio.


A portfolio is a gateway to showcasing your front-end skills to prospective employers. While a resume is crucial for providing information, a mere list of skills alone won't make you stand out as your projects will. Hopefully, the front-end projects listed here have inspired you to create your remarkable portfolio.

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