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Top 15 Highest Paying Information Technology Jobs in 2024

Published: 9th May, 2023

Bala Ganesh

Content Writer at almaBetter

Information Technology has been the leading driver of globalization. If you are a patron of IT, we are glad because it is the future and a vessel of opportunities.

Experts predict that IT will reach unconquerable standards as the highest-paying jobs in the tech industry with vast career options. As of 2022, the IT sector salary in India has seen monumental growth with new revolutions in the tech industry. In this article, you can comprehensively study the IT sector and jobs to pursue as a fresher and experienced professional in 2024.

Gone are the days when working hard was the only thing that mattered! Working smart is as important as working hard in today’s competitive tech-driven world. Finding a reasonable opportunity in the IT sector to build your future requires sophisticated skills and hours of research. Tech companies are evolving to great heights in light of new technological advancements like the metaverse. Highest Paying IT Companies are looking for skilled tech professionals to leverage the best of technology to fill the void and propagate business. So, here we are with an expert-verified list of the top 15 highest-paying information technology jobs in 2024 for freshers and experienced professionals.

List of top 15 highest paying IT jobs

Full Stack Developer

Experts predict that by 2024, there will be around 28 million working Full Stack Developers with high-paying careers. This forecast sheds light on the successful career path and emphasizes the importance and demand of a Full Stack Developer. Fundamentally, a Full Stack Developer is a professional who performs on both back-end and front-end developments. An ideal Full Stack Developer is competent in every development stage, from design to execution.

Data Science Engineer

Did you know that, on an average, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced in a day by users globally? That is approximately a billion multiplied by 2.5. This ginormous revelation of data generated is what makes data the most powerful tool in the IT field. A Data Science Engineer is precisely that person who brings meaning to the massive influx of raw generated data. They build systems capable of collecting, securing, and analyzing all the raw generated data into useful and accessible information for companies. The role of a Data Science Engineer in the IT field is unparalleled and integral at every step of the way. Hence, it is the highest-paying IT job with more space to grow.

  • Education - Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or an advanced certification in Data Science.
  • Skills - Machine Learning, Data Computing, Mathematics & Statistics, programming.
  • Salary - 8 LPA (Average annual income of a Data Science Engineer in India)

User Experience Designer

As the name suggests, a UX designer is responsible for transforming data applications into a fun, enjoyable experience for users. A User Experience Designer must have knowledge of user experience, behavior, and business goals. A day of UX design mostly runs on skills like User Centered Design (UCD) and strong analytical abilities.

  • Education - Degree in Computer Science or Information technology. Additionally, a degree in psychology may benefit faster growth in the IT sector.
  • Skills - UX designing, understanding user behavior, information architecture, wireframing, empathy.
  • Salary - 8 LPA (Average annual income of a User Experience Designer in India)

Web Developers

There is no such thing as enough Web Developers. Since 1989, Web Development has been on a constant rise, with 24.3 million active developers in the world. Web Development is a skill that can be self-taught. It is one of the most aspiring, ever-growing IT professions, with an abundance of space to grow. Web Developers are extremely skilled professionals who develop websites. They are responsible for building, maintaining, running, efficiency, and several other functions involved in a website.

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Computer and IT (Not necessary).
  • Skills - Problem-solving skills, creativity, logical thinking, computer literacy.
  • Salary - 6 LPA (Average annual income of a web developer in India).

Database Administrator

Database Administrators, widely known as DBAs, are the professionals who manage and protect data within the database. Data is the driving force for many businesses and administrations, which makes the database administrator role irreplaceable. A Database administrator safeguards data against all odds so business can grow rapidly by leveraging the constant inputs of data.

  • Education - Bachelor in Computer Science or IT.
  • Skills - Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and IBM DB2, critical thinking
  • Salary - 10 LPA (Average annual salary of a Database Administrator in India)

Mobile Application Developer

Imagine a life without applications on a smartphone. Horrifying, isn’t it? Thanks to Mobile Application Developers, we never had to face that issue. Apps for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones are designed and developed by a specific category of software developer known as a mobile application developer. For private businesses, governmental organizations, and nonprofits, these IT professionals can create and implement successful mobile apps either individually or as a team.

  • Education - Bachelor in Computer Science or IT or Academic degree in Engineering or Mathematics.
  • Skills - JavaScript, C++, Python, C#, Product Management, business analysis.
  • Salary - 5 LPA (Average annual salary of a Mobile Application Developer in India)

Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain Engineer has been the most coveted job in recent years, and they are experts in building and implementing architecture and solutions based on blockchain technology. The global market for blockchain solutions is anticipated to reach more than $15.9 billion in 2024, making it the top-demand IT job. On a daily basis, blockchain engineers use this technology for the project’s operations, design, development, and execution. Additionally, Blockchain Engineering is one of the highest-paying IT jobs globally.

  • Education - Bachelor’s degree in computer science or information security.
  • Skills - Knowledge of coding languages, cryptography, and problem-solving skills.
  • Salary - 8 LPA (Average annual salary of a Blockchain Engineer in India - one of the highest paying jobs in the IT industry)

Internet of Things Engineer

IoT is the cradle of Information Technology with vast knowledge and a high-paying career. IoT Engineer is also the most popular job in the category. An ideal IoT Engineer is responsible for the strategy behind how IoT solutions are built and used. They work closely with clients to identify their requirements and cater to them exclusively. Additionally, an IoT engineer takes care of troubleshooting customer issues from time to time.

  • Education - Bachelor’s degree in engineering or equivalent experience
  • Skills - JavaScript, Python, Cloud Computing, understanding of machine learning and AI.
  • Salary - 5 LPA (Average annual salary of an IoT Engineer in India)

Artificial Intelligence Professional

An artificial intelligence professional protects the boundaries of the system like a guard. Their expertise lies in the effective applications of AI and in using it for security purposes. A typical day for an AI professional includes smart programming systems and security duties. In simple terms, an AI professional is the one who ensures that the facial recognitions in our phones/systems work effectively with minimal errors.

  • Education: An aspiring AI professional is required to have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject like information technology, computer engineering, statistics, or data science.
  • Skills: Machine learning, deep learning, Python, R, Java.
  • Salary: 8 LPA (Average annual salary of an Artificial Intelligence Professional in India)

Big Data Engineer

Big Data Engineers possess vast knowledge of how data behaves, the magnitude of data, and its capability. According to a study, over 95% of businesses are investing in Big Data and AI to understand the multilayers of aggregated data. A Big Data Engineer is adept at sifting data from huge piles of data sets, interpreting the meaning of data, deciphering encoded data sets, and much more. Though a bit complicated, Big Data Engineers serve as the bedrock foundation of everything businesses aspire to extract from data.

  • Education - Bachelor’s degree or accompanying advanced degrees relating Mining.
  • Salary - 9 LPA (Average annual salary of a Big Data Engineer in India - top demand It job and one of the best jobs IT field)

Information Security Analyst

The Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) recently declared that the demand for Information Security Analysts will grow 32% by 2028. Besides being a high paying IT job, ISA is the most coveted job that is in an upward trend in recent years. Information Security Analysts specialize in keeping data secure for businesses and other groups, including government agencies, as their titles imply. An ideal ISA is responsible for protecting sensitive information from hackers and computer viruses that could damage valuable data. They are soldiers of valor in the IT field.

  • Education - Bachelor’s degree in computer and information technology. Certified courses in computer science also work.
  • Skills - Analytical and problem-solving skills, computer networking and cloud computing.
  • Salary - 6 LPA (Average annual salary of ISA in India)

Machine Learning Professionals

A successful business is prone to day-to-day challenges that can massively impact the revenue and reputation if not solved instantly. A Machine Learning professional is entrusted with tackling challenges effectively. A typical day in the life of an MLP starts with automating predictive models. Machine Learning engineers often rely on their masterful tactics of creating, researching, and building AI systems capable of self-governance.

  • Education - Bachelor’s degree. Additional knowledge of Data Science and Mathematics is preferred.
  • Skills - Problem-solving skills, Data Modelling, Application of ML libraries and Algorithms.
  • Salary - 8 LPA (Average annual salary of a Machine Learning Professional in India - One of the highest paying jobs in the IT industry)

Software Developers

The most popular and talked about job is also one of the highest paying IT jobs in India with massive career growth. By 2030, the world will have a whopping 40 million software developers with successful careers globally. A software developer is an inherent creative professional with a knack for programming. Software developers are indeed hard-working professionals who write code for computers and applications. There is a constant work loop of analyzing software programming and finding ways to update or improve it. All these coherently make a Software Developer’s job one of the highest-paying jobs in the IT field.

  • Education - A bachelor’s degree in computer and IT or an advanced certification in software development.
  • Skills - Positive attitude, object-oriented programming. Basic knowledge of Database and SQL, Git, and GitHub.
  • Salary - 6.5 LPA (Average annual income of a Software Developer in India)

Computer Network Architects

Communication is the key to any organization. However, who is the professional that enables the people or organization to function effectively through constant communication? It’s the Computer Network Architect, a.k.a, Computer Network Engineer. A CNA is a professional who builds an unwavering computer network to facilitate communication in any company/organization. The responsibilities of a Computer Network Architect range from building local area networks(LAN) and Wide Area networks (WAN). A Computer Network Architect plays a pivotal role in maintaining the working nature of the company intact. Thus, it is also one of the most highly in-demand jobs on our list. Computer Network Architects are one of the top dogs in the IT field with a great income range.

  • Education - Bachelor’s degrees in computer and information technology
  • Skills - Database administration, Computer skills, Multi-tasking.
  • Salary - Rs. 15-20 LPA (Average annual income of a Computer Network Architect - one of the highest paying IT jobs)

Computer and Information Research Scientist

Computer and Information Research Scientists are considered the titans of the IT field, with one of the highest-paying jobs. It is estimated that the demand for Computer and Information Research Scientists is to grow by around 16% globally, according to the study of BLS. As the name propounds, a CIR Scientist discovers new technologies and implements them with innovative strategies for benefits. The job is associated with high-pumping energy, competitive spirits, exciting deadlines, and rewarding results. With extensive knowledge of the computer science field and a barrage of emotional alchemy, the role of Computer and Information Research Scientist is one hell of an experience that puts your professional life on a pedestal. Research Scientists often get published in academic journals in prestigious institutions for their findings in the field.

  • Education - Masters in Computer and IT field. Exceptional candidates can achieve the feat with a normal Bachelor’s degree.
  • Skills - Computing skills, critical thinking, positive attitude, technical writing skills, analytical skills.
  • Salary - Rs. 20-25 LPA (Average annual income of a Computer and Information Research Scientist - one of the highest paying IT jobs in the industry)


All the glitter in the IT field is actually gold, unlike the mundane saying! If you find an undying passion for IT and Computer Science, then you are already a step ahead in the race. The IT sector is always rife with exciting opportunities with the scope for marginal career growth. We hope you liked our blog insightful and exciting at the same time. We hope to provide you with a much-needed direction in which you can build a strong career. The ever-growing IT field is a testament to the man-made technological revolutions that shifted the way of living for good. The saga is yet to be fully discovered with time as they say there is never an end to what humans can achieve to make the world a better place.


  1. Which IT skill is most in demand?

Data Science is hands-down the most in-demand job in India and across the world. As we enter into the new era of the tech-driven world, being a skillful data governor puts your career on a pedestal. Programming skills like Python, Perl, C/C++, SQL, and Java, with Python being the most common coding language, are must-have skills as a Data Scientist.

  1. Which branch for IT is best?

Having a degree in Computer Science and Information technology helps you pursue your career in IT seamlessly. However, a specific branch is certainly not a deterrent if you are really passionate about IT. Skills and passion are above all academic branches.

  1. Which IT course is highly in demand?

Considering the global appeal and career growth, Data science is a lucrative career option. So, it goes without saying that Data Science is the most pursued and highly in-demand course globally. A certified course with comprehensive programming skills will boost your career to new heights. Within the past decade, the demand for data has increased, and businesses are taking data-driven decisions. If you have an analytical brain and enjoy solving complex problems, then a data science course is a perfect career choice for you.

  1. What entry-level IT jobs pay the most?

Computer system analysts understand technology to its core and love solving problems. It is one of the highly in-demand jobs with massive career expansion. A computer system analyst job is projected to grow 7% in the next decade. Most work for computer systems design firms, which help companies evaluate their computer systems and identify ways to improve efficiency.

  1. How do I start a career in IT?

Understand why you like the IT field and what is the potential to grow in it. Identify what intrigues you the most about IT and how your innate skills can help you grow professionally. Pursuing a college degree is not always an ideal option. If you have a basic degree with great passion, you can enroll in a program that fits you right and launch your career in IT.

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