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Top 5 Web Developments Trends For 2022

Published: 16th May, 2023

Bala Ganesh

Content Writer at almaBetter

Time & Trend: A match made in heaven. Like time, trends have a way of staying ceaseless and pertinent as the world evolves.

For instance, the new developments in the web-development world like and React Remix have already found their place within two years and are now rampant in the techno-market. So, it is essential for the developers to clearly understand the emerging trends soar above the mundane cycle.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 Web Development trends for 2022 to up your game.

5. AI-Driven Chatbots:

Customers are deemed gods in the world of business and technology is the ally that helps in keeping the tenet alive. With Al growing faster and bigger with time, and more easily accessible solutions and flexibility available, it is time to entrust the most crucial duties to technology. An interactive experience is the key to any successful business, and chatbots are the frontliners who do the job. All chatbots will serve as virtual assistants who guide the user in the right direction through the website. Through this, corporations can save a big lump of resources without compromising customer care service. Chatbots play a key role in handling sales inquiries and will allow companies to collect potential leads. This can be transformed into profits based on the info supplied. Chatbots provide active, interactive, and comfortable services around the clock with accountability and stability. This rising reception of technology and the emerging adoption of blockchain is a conspicuous cue for developers to explore ‘Solidity’ this year.

4. WebAssembly

WebAssembly, like Cloudflare Workers, is used by platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Firefox browsers for server-less computing. Furthermore, it is used by the barcode scanner on eBay, the AutoCAD web application, and the Unity game engine, amongst other integral companies. One of the best and most prominent features, WebAssembly, has been climbing up the ladder with consistency in the web development space with great loading speed and flexibility. Standard code languages like C and C++ are benefiting greatly from the implementation of WebAssembly. Big players like Disney+ used WebAssembly to improve its performance, while Microsoft launched a WebAssembly-based plug-in system for its Flight Simulator. With all the high rate of usage, it is clear that WebAssembly will surpass the trend this year, especially after considering the massive head start.

3. Optimization of Voice Search

If we conduct a vote-by-candy with trends as candidates, Voice Search Optimization will be having an early Halloween. Technology, primarily, is about creating an easy, accessible, and effortless experience for the users. Between typing your queries to just saying it out, we all prefer the latter. As strange as it may sound, the pandemic has completely changed the preference for voice search over touch-type-search among consumers which logically is indeed a smart move. Over 30% of the users limited the physical usage and recent studies show that 71% of users prefer ‘Voice Search’ over ‘Type Search’ across the world. Voice Search Optimization is the newest and the most vital trend in 2022 which is on a mission to completely transform the way of looking things up online. Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant have become integral parts of households since 2018. With things going that fast, voice search is most likely to be included as a business and SEO strategy in 2022. Also a total of 55 percent of household equipment will have voice assistants according to research by Juniper.

2. The PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

First off, a Progressive Web is what we call a website that operates as a mobile application. While many might perceive the technology as outdated, PWA has revitalized the charm by integrating easier accessibility options to retain users from downloading & installing mobile software applications. PWA offers an optimal solution and is easily accessible through a search engine. Also, it comes with the fastest loading speed that can be achieved through a desktop without any requirement to switch devices. Additionally, it improves standard availability of push notifications, offline accessibility options and auto-updates, storage issues, maintenance, and battery troubles. Many website-oriented companies are now primarily channeling their efforts to get the best out of the PWA so it’s advisable for tech savvies to focus on developing the applications for more traffic and revenues.

With the prospect of 5G right around the corner, companies must inculcate the development strategies for PWA since the stats predict that consumers are more likely to use websites in near future. Many successful giants like Uber, Pinterest, BMW, Starbucks, and MakeMyTrip upped their game by creating an easy environment for websites with the help of PWA which is a clear sign to get aboard with the PWA system.

1. Blockchain Technology:

With the increasing necessity, cryptocurrency has clinched 80 million users across the world through the years. Moreover, it is evident that it will see new users in the year 2022. Social networks and the swooping entry of cryptocurrency have paved a rigid path for blockchain technology to improvise services like payments, properties, and wallets. Blockchain is currently the fastest growing technology with big-tech masters like Microsoft, Alibaba, Oracle, and IBM leveraging the features like accessing data, strategic protection of identification, data validation, etc.

The future of Web Development is correlated with the betterment of user experience. While the aforementioned trends are gaining attention as we speak, many of those are bound to evolve with time while others sustain based on the improvements required to create a more user-friendly experience. Nevertheless, it is essential to stay ahead of the coup.

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