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What Is Elementor AI and How Does It Work?

Published: 19th June, 2023

Vibha Gupta

Technical Content Writer at almaBetter

The integration of AI into website development, exemplified by Elementor AI, revolutionizes the process of Web Development. Read more about Elementor here!

AI has become a crucial and indispensable asset in enhancing effectiveness and output. It plays a substantial role in minimizing the time and energy invested by creators across various tasks, ranging from content creation to coding. The integration of AI into website development, exemplified by Elementor AI, revolutionizes the process, enabling users to construct and upkeep websites with considerably less time and effort compared to traditional methods.

What is Elementor AI?

Elementor AI is specifically designed for seamless integration with the Elementor Editor. When it comes to CSS, HTML, and custom code, Elementor AI provides outputs that incorporate the relevant Elementor selectors. This feature enables you to effortlessly incorporate prompts into your website and obtain more targeted and relevant responses.

Elementor AI has the ability to:

  • Produce text content
  • Develop personalized CSS (available for Pro users)
  • Generate custom code (available for Pro users)
  • Generate code within the HTML widget
  • Generate images

How does Elementor work?

Here are the steps to use the Elementor AI:

  1. Install and activate Elementor: To utilize Elementor AI, you need to install and activate the Elementor plugin on your WordPress website. If you don't have it yet, you can download it for free from the WordPress repository.
  2. Create a new page or post: After installing Elementor, proceed to create a new page or post on your WordPress website. Simply navigate to the WordPress dashboard, click on "Pages" or "Posts," and select "Add New."
  3. Add a text widget: Now, include a text widget on your page or post. You can achieve this by dragging and dropping the "Text Editor" widget from the Elementor sidebar onto your desired location within the page.
  4. Click on "Write with AI": Once the text widget is added, click the "Write with AI" button to initiate the Elementor AI assistant. This action will open up the AI assistant interface.
  5. Customize the AI-generated content: The AI assistant will generate content based on your specified parameters, such as tone, style, and length. You have the option to further customize the content by adjusting these parameters or manually editing the generated text.
  6. Add custom CSS or Code (Elementor Pro only): If you have Elementor Pro, you can leverage Elementor AI to incorporate custom CSS to elements and insert custom code into your website.
  7. Publish your page or post: Once you are satisfied with the content generated by Elementor AI, click "Publish" to make your page or post live on your website, sharing your creations with the world.

Advantages of Elementor AI

Here are some advantages of using Elementor AI:

  • Time-saving: Elementor AI significantly reduces the time required for tasks like content creation and website building. By automating certain processes, it allows you to accomplish more in less time.
  • Increased productivity: With Elementor AI, you can streamline your workflow and increase productivity. The AI-generated content and suggestions help you make informed decisions and create high-quality designs efficiently.
  • Enhanced creativity: Elementor AI provides inspiration and suggestions for content creation, allowing you to explore new ideas and push the boundaries of your creativity. It can help you overcome writer's block and find unique design solutions.
  • Improved efficiency: The integration of AI technology into Elementor makes website development more efficient. You can leverage AI-generated code and CSS to achieve desired results quickly and effectively.
  • User-friendly interface: Elementor AI is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. It integrates seamlessly with the Elementor Editor, making it easy for users of all skill levels to harness the power of AI in their website creation process.
  • Customization options: Elementor AI allows you to customize the generated content according to your specific requirements. You have the flexibility to adjust parameters, such as tone and style, and make manual edits to fine-tune the AI-generated output.
  • Support for Elementor Pro features: If you have Elementor Pro, you can leverage Elementor AI to enhance your website further. This includes utilizing AI for custom CSS and code, enabling you to create unique and personalized elements on your website.

Limitations of Elementor AI

Limitations of using Elementor AI:

  • AI-generated Code may occasionally lack accuracy: Although the Code produced by AI is intended to be compatible with the Elementor Editor, it may sometimes be imprecise. We highly recommend saving and backing up your page and carefully reviewing any generated code before implementing it.
  • Customization options are limited: While Elementor AI enables you to swiftly create high-quality content, it may not be ideal for individuals seeking extensive customization. If you have specific design requirements or need to generate custom code, you may need to explore alternative solutions.
  • Language support is limited: Although Elementor AI can translate your website into 29 different languages, it may not be suitable for those requiring support for less common languages or dialects.
  • Support for complex workflows is limited: While Elementor AI can streamline certain aspects of your workflow through automation, it may not be suitable for individuals with intricate or highly personalized workflows.
  • Limited support for non-Elementor users: Elementor AI is specifically designed to function with the Elementor Editor, potentially limiting its applicability for users of other website builders or content management systems.


In conclusion, Elementor AI offers numerous advantages in terms of time-saving automation, increased productivity, and enhanced creativity within the realm of website development. However, it is important to consider certain limitations associated with AI-generated code accuracy, customization options, language support, and compatibility with complex workflows or non-Elementor users. By weighing these factors, users can make informed decisions on whether Elementor AI is the right tool for their specific needs. Ultimately, Elementor AI serves as a valuable asset for those seeking efficient and streamlined website creation, while keeping in mind the importance of reviewing and customizing the generated content as needed.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: Is the code generated by Elementor AI always accurate and ready for implementation?

Ans. While the code provided by Elementor AI is designed to work with the Elementor Editor, it may not always be 100% accurate. We strongly recommend reviewing and testing any generated code before implementing it on your website.

Q2: Can Elementor AI accommodate highly customized design requirements or the creation of custom code?

Ans. Elementor AI is primarily focused on streamlining the website development process and providing quick content creation. However, it may have limitations when it comes to extensive customization or the need for specific custom code.

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