Django Quiz - 6

1. Which module in Django is commonly used to build APIs?
a) django.api
c) django.api_framework
d) django.rest_framework
Answer: d) django.rest_framework

2. Which HTTP method is typically used to retrieve a resource from an API in Django?
a) GET
c) PUT
Answer: a) GET

3. Which decorator is used to define API views in Django?
a) @api_view
b) @view
c) @api
d) @api_viewset
Answer: a) @api_view

4. Which serialization format is commonly used in Django APIs?
a) XML
d) CSV
Answer: b) JSON

5. Which command is used to generate API endpoints in Django?
a) python generate_api
b) python create_api
c) python make_api
d) python generate_urls
Answer: b) python create_api

6. What is the purpose of a serializer in Django APIs?
a) To validate data input
b) To convert data to JSON format
c) To handle authentication and authorization
d) To define API routing
Answer: b) To convert data to JSON format

7. Which authentication method is commonly used in Django APIs?
a) Basic Authentication
b) Token Authentication
c) OAuth Authentication
d) All of the above
Answer: d) All of the above

8. Which HTTP status code indicates a successful response in Django APIs?
a) 200 OK
b) 400 Bad Request
c) 404 Not Found
d) 500 Internal Server Error
Answer: a) 200 OK

9. Which module is used to define API permissions in Django?
a) django.permissions
b) django.access_control
c) django.auth
d) django.permissions_framework
Answer: c) django.auth

10. Which method is commonly used to handle POST requests in Django APIs?
a) create()
b) update()
c) delete()
d) retrieve()
Answer: a) create()

11. Which module is commonly used to test Django APIs?
a) django.testing
b) django.api_testing
c) django.rest_framework.test
d) django.api_test
Answer: c) django.rest_framework.test

12. Which command is used to run tests for Django APIs?
a) python runtests
b) python test
c) python runapi
d) python apitest
Answer: b) python test

Module 6: Django and APIsDjango Quiz - 6

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