Industry Expert Data Science Career Coaches

Ekta Maheshwarii

Lead Data Scientist at Accenture Baltics

Speaker, Mentor, Career Coach at AlmaBetter

Alok Anand

Chief of Data Sciences & Operations at AlmaBetter

IIT Kharagpur Alumnus

You MUST attend this webinar if

  • you are a student and want to know if Data Science is a smart career option after graduation

  • you are a professional working in a different role and want to know if you can transition into the Data Science domain

  • you are looking to pursue a Data Science program but want to know if it would be helpful

  • you are considering Data Science as the next career opportunity

  • you are fed up with all the hype around Data Science and want to actually know the nuances of this field

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Module 1 : All about Data Science

In this module we will educate you about pertinent questions hovering inside the heads of any Data Science beginner or enthusiast :

  • What is Data Science?
  • What are various disciplines within Data Science?
  • What are some real world projects I will be working upon?
  • How does a normal day in the life of Data Scientist look like?

Module 2 : Demystifying pre-requisites

Data Science being a relatively technical field, might make anyone wonder what things should they know beforehand :
  • Is it required to know some coding beforehand?
  • Which are the go-to languages in Data Science currently?
  • Do I need to know advanced mathematics to learn Data Science?
  • What is the ideal time horizon to master the art of Data Science?

Module 3 : Getting jobs in Data Science

A prepared mind with good communication has all the arrows in his/her quiver to hit the right opportunities :
  • What kind of jobs and salaries can I expect in this domain?
  • Will my previous background be any obstacle while switching jobs?
  • How do I groom myself to become a successful Data Scientist?

Module 4 : Learn about our Pro & AlmaX programs

We provide job-oriented programs in Data Science. Our programs are meant for final year students, graduates and working professionals aspiring to get best paying jobs in the domain of Data Science. We offer key value propositions :
  • Pay only when you get a job above 6 LPA
  • Industry relevant curriculum designed to get you hired
  • Guaranteed placements through our hiring partners

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