We invest in our students and not the other way round!

We challenge the status quo!

  • Out of 90 lakhs college graduates, only 15% get direct jobs, rest are unemployed

  • Quality and industry alignment are the biggest concerns with most of the academic programs

  • Online self-paced courses have 5% completion rates due to low engagement

AlmaBetter is building a platform to educate and prepare students for modern-day careers by combining the best aspects of MOOCs, vocational schools, apprenticeships and bootcamps.

While studying with AlmaBetter, students don’t have to worry about paying for tuition or accumulating student debt. Instead, upon graduation, they make small monthly payments.‍

This generational change will reshape the future of education, career services, and employment opportunities. We’re developing a brand-new education model that is both more affordable for students and beneficial for companies.

What led us to the idea of AlmaBetter?

Traditional education puts all the risk on individual student, while skill schools like AlmaBetter can remove the risk of education and provide equity on the skill frontier. Risk of learning is a major cause of anxiety among students. The traditional formula of learning is riddled with risks for students. This realization led us to the idea of AlmaBetter with the hypothesis that if we eliminate risk and align incentives on a large enough scale, we can democratize access to career and income mobility.

How do we aim to make an impact?

AlmaBetter is combining remote working culture with educational innovation and startup operations. Education is a major component that can break down all social inequities, and if AlmaBetter can provide a pathway to thousands of people for careers in Artificial Intelligence, we will make a profound impact in the world.