AlmaBetter Refund Policy

With effect from: 24th May 2022

Pay After Placement - Enrolment Fee Refund Policy

In order to make quality upskilling more affordable for young aspirants, AlmaBetter has come up with an innovative payment plan where aspirants effectively have to pay ZERO tuition fee for their learning at AlmaBetter.

In order to enrol in any of our programs, the students first pay a nominal amount (Enrolment Fee) which is kept as a security deposit. Students can claim a refund of this amount upon admission into the placement program. The detailed criteria for the refund is as mentioned below

Conditions for refund of Enrolment Fee

AlmaBetter enrolment fee is refundable upon signing the Income Share Agreement (ISA) for the placement program. Student’s selection in the placement program (AlmaX) is contingent on successfully clearing the following three criteria within 12 months of enrolling for the program

  • Successful completion of Competency Challenges
  • Successful completion of Capstone Projects
  • Successful completion of Mock Interview

Completion of Competency Challenges

  • Candidates are required to complete Competency Challenges corresponding to each module as detailed in the course curriculum. Competency Challenges reinforce the theoretical understanding of the concepts in each module.

  • Successful completion of every module is achieved by scoring 75% or more marks in the corresponding competency challenge. The completion percentage is kept higher to ensure candidates are able to master each module and hence are job-ready as per industry requirements.

  • A candidate can attempt each competency challenge a total of 3 times. They will be allowed to take a reattempt only after a gap of at least 7 days. This is to ensure that they prepare well before re-attempting the test.

Completion of Capstone Projects

  • Candidates are required to complete all Capstone Projects corresponding to each module as detailed in the course curriculum. Capstone Projects introduce candidates to worldly scenarios. Candidates are expected to complete these projects in groups of 4-5 peers. By getting hands-on experience through capstone projects, candidates develop the key competencies and skills necessary for the real workplace environment.
  • Successful completion of the capstone projects is marked by scoring 70% or more marks in the project.
  • Candidates can submit a project for evaluation up to a maximum of 3 times.

Completion of Mock Interview

  • Candidates are required to complete a final Mock Interview successfully. The mock interview is the final step that a student has to successfully complete in order to get admission into the placement program i.e. AlmaX. The mock interview is conducted with an industry professional.
  • The interview would be based on the entire course curriculum and candidates scoring more than 75% marks will be considered as pass.
  • Candidates can appear for the Mock Interview up to a maximum of 3 times.

Forfeiture of Enrolment Fee

  • The entire enrolment fee will be forfeited if conditions for refund of the program fee, as mentioned in the above clauses, are not fulfilled within 12 months from the date of student’s enrolment (date of the payment of the enrolment fee) in any of our programs.

Pay Upfront - Program Fee Refund Policy

Click here to read the full refund policy for Pay Upfront payment plan.

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