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asim siddiqui

Though I had a gap year after my graduation, the AlmaBetter team ensured I got the required guidance and helped me through the entire placement process.

The One-on-one Mentorship sessions and Industry relevant Capstone Project made AlmaBetter stand out.

Hello everyone, my name is Asim Siddiqui, and I hold a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Amity University. After graduation, I worked as a robotics trainer, where I trained students and school teachers for their robotics curriculum. I came across a book by Josh Kaufman named The Personal MBA, which inclined me to pursue Data Science. After that, I did some courses from different places, but I wanted a complete and rigorous approach in one place covering from maths to business, machine learning, and deep learning ad well. So that's how I ended up with Almabetter, and here I learned all the ins and outs of DS ML and DL. I secured a pre-placement offer from Affine within 40 weeks of the program commencement.

The primary reason for choosing AlmaBetter was the risk-free environment they provide to students. The Pay After Placement model with a Placement Guarantee is something that every Data Science student would admire. Moreover, AlmaBetter provides the most student-centered curriculum, which is very beneficial. The One-on-one Mentorship sessions and Industry relevant Capstone Project made AlmaBetter stand out.

The AlmaX Placement Drive is the perfect drive for students to land their dream jobs. It is hard to pick one favorite element as it is ideal. Mock Interviews prepare students for the actual interview process. Resume-building sessions help in building a job-winning resume. Another unique feature is that AlmaBetter provides a dedicated Career Coach to students who supports and guides them throughout their placement journey. Moreover, I enjoyed the communication training in collaboration with Utter and the profile-building sessions.

I had a career gap of almost five years, and I felt like my survivability had become questionable. I was getting skills and a helping hand to learn and grow from Almabetter. It helped me build confidence and again restart my career journey. So from being nothing to becoming a data scientist, working in one of the most emerging fields, I feel the team in Almabetter is tremendous and helps people change their lives. My only advice to other students is to hold the vision and trust the process.

Asim Siddiqui

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