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mohammed arifuddin atif

Almabetter has played a crucial role in my career

AlmaBetter’s Data Science Lab is a fantastic feature that helps students learn challenging math concepts quickly.

Hey everyone, my name is Mohammed Arifuddin Atif, and I hold a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. During the lockdown, when things slowed down, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to explore more challenging fields. During this time, I came across a post on recommendation systems used on platforms like Netflix and amazon prime. This piqued my interest in data science, so I read more on recommendation systems wherein users are recommended movies based on the present trend or the films watched by other people with the same personality as the customer. I came across the AlmaBetter platform with a comprehensive data science program and pay-after-placement model. I secured a job offer from Paisabazzar within 13 weeks of the program's commencement.

The Pay After Placement model with a placement guarantee is something that every young student like me will admire. AlmaBetter provides the most student-centered curriculum along with high-quality study material and lectures. All these exciting features inclined me to enroll in AlmaBetter’s program.

Multiple Mock Interviews boosted my confidence and prepared me for the interview, which was very helpful. I also enjoyed resume-building sessions where the mentors guided me to build a crisp and job-winning resume. AlmaBetter also helped me develop and enhance my LinkedIn profile to get the recruiter's attention.

I enjoyed interacting with industry professionals through one-on-one mentorship sessions, where I cleared all my doubts and attained industry insights. I also enjoyed working on Capstone projects with peers, which boosted my team-building skills. AlmaBetter’s Data Science Lab is another fantastic feature that helps students learn challenging math concepts quickly.

Almabetter has played a crucial role in my career. Its comprehensive and well-structured program helps in understanding the concepts clearly and helps build a clear path to achieving your dream job. An essential part that helped me was the mentorship session, which made me understand where I was lacking and what my strengths are to work on particular topics or soft skills accordingly. Overall I had a great time learning with AlmaBetter, and I want to thank the AlmaBetter team for helping me achieve my dream job.

I would like to suggest the other students not stop learning and keep getting better at topics like python, statistics, and ML. If you feel like you hit a wall, take a small break and get back on track with a fresh mind. Also, learn from different sources like youtube and blog posts and practice as much as you can on platforms like Hackerank, w3school, etc.

Mohammed Arifuddin Atif
Assistant Manager - Analytics

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