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My journey at AlmaBetter was lovely as I was assured that I would secure a good job.

"A structured curriculum with quality content makes this program stand out."

Neville Thomas secured a pre-placement offer from Cognizant within 40 weeks of the program commencement. Let's hear what Neville has to say about his experience at AlmaBetter.

Hi everyone, my name is Neville Thomas. I graduated from Pune University in 2017. I am a big-time Data Science enthusiast. I fell in love with the idea to make models that could start predicting. I secured a job at Cognizant as a Project Associate soon after enrolling in AlmaBetter’s Pro Program.

My experience with other institutions was not that good. AlmaBetter provides a secure learning environment with the Pay After Placement model and a minimum refundable subscription fee. Moreover, the brand name and the assurance that you will get rewarded are a few other reasons why I enrolled in the Pro Program.

In my opinion, AlmaBetter stands for trust and quality. My experience with the AlmaBetter Pro Program was very positive. I learned at my own pace with the help of pre-recorded lectures. All the challenging concepts were explained thoroughly. The risk-free educational approach that AlmaBetter is taking made their curriculum stand out. AlmaBetter is providing quality education to all the students with a placement guarantee. A structured curriculum with quality content and teachers and no financial burden is a dream institute for every student.

The overall journey at AlmaBetter was lovely as I was assured that I would secure a good job, and I will definitely recommend the Pro Program to everyone. Investing in AlmaBetter is an excellent idea for students as you get a placement guarantee and a refundable subscription fee.

Neville Thomas.

Neville Thomas
Data Scientist

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