AlmaBetter’s curriculum is designed with relentless efforts from the entire team.

"Mentorship sessions helped me improve my communication skills and articulate my knowledge efficiently. I learned something new from every session."

Nikhila Sindhe secured a pre-placement offer from Citi Corp within 18 weeks of the program commencement. Let's hear what Nikhila has to say about her experience at AlmaBetter.

Hey everyone, my name is Nikhila Sindhe, and I hold a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering Management. I started my career working as a Test Analyst. However, I later realized that I am more interested in Data Management. After working for five years as a Data Management Analyst at Swiss Re, I realized I wanted to do more than Data pre-processing. I decided to explore the world of Data Science and joined AlmaBetter. I secured a job offer from Citi Corp as a Data Analyst within 18 weeks of the program commencement.

AlmaBetter’s course outline is very concise, and it gives a holistic view of all different parts of Data Science. Also, the quality of the lectures is outstanding when compared to other paid courses. Moreover, at AlmaBetter, we get a chance to work on Capstone projects and get personalized guidance from mentors through the one-on-one mentorship sessions. Also, the placement guarantee was a cherry on the top. AlmaBetter has made it possible for students from any domain and background to excel in Data Science.

My learning experience at AlmaBetter was unique and fabulous. Unlike other institutes, AlmaBetter provides multiple ways of maintaining interaction with the mentors and peers in the community. Regular communication helps in preserving interest in the course throughout the journey. Another helpful tool in the curriculum is the Data Science Lab. The Data Science Lab allows students to understand and visualize the math behind Data Science. With AlmaBetter, I learned the intuition behind the concepts and how they get applied in Data Science. The mentorship sessions were one of the most exciting elements of the curriculum. Mentorship sessions helped me improve my communication skills and articulate my knowledge efficiently. I learned something new from every session. The mentorship sessions also helped me improve the concepts I learned throughout the week.

Moreover, AlmaBetter also conducts insightful AMA Sessions for the students. AMA Sessions broadened my knowledge of Data Science. Several industry experts that we listened to were not from a technical background which boosted my confidence. Listening to their stories and experiences helped keep me motivated to improve and grow constantly. AMA Sessions also provided valuable insights into how Data Science is used in several industries.

AlmaBetter’s curriculum is designed with relentless efforts from the entire team. Although every curriculum element is fantastic, my personal favorites were the python notebooks for each topic and regular assignments. Assignments always pushed me to do better every day, which in my opinion, is a priceless resource for any student.

My journey at AlmaBetter was like a rollercoaster ride, from peaks of confidence to valleys of self-doubt. I can proudly say that AlmaBetter has helped me become more confident and productive. My advice to other students would be to work hard and not get disheartened when they struggle with a concept. The journey is a challenging one. Anything of value doesn’t come easy. You will see highs and lows, but the reward at the end is one to cherish forever. AlmaBetter has an amazing community of alumni and mentors who are always willing to help. Trust yourself and keep learning. Do not give up no matter what, and you will see success.

Nikhila NS.

Nikhila Sindhe
Senior Data Analyst

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