My placement journey as a Pro Program member was flawless.

"All the mentors were very helpful, and I loved the way they taught mathematics and machine learning."

Roopesh Valluru secured a job at Pocket FM as a Data Analyst soon after joining the AlmaBetter family. Let's hear what Roopesh has to say about his experience at AlmaBetter.

Hello everyone! I am Roopesh, and I am from Andhra Pradesh. I completed my undergraduate in Civil Engineering, followed by post-graduation in Geo informatics, studying geographical and geospatial data. After my post-graduation, I decided to join AlmaBetter and secured a job at Pocket FM as a Data Analyst.

I was working on a project predicting the irrigation demand in the next 30 years during the final year of my post-graduation. While working on the project, I realized how data science could change the game and help in coming up with robust solutions. The unexpected realization drew me towards Data Science. AlmaBetter provided me with the freedom of switching my field to Data Science. As my parents already invested money in my undergraduate and post-graduation, AlmaBetter's Pay After Placement policy helped me immensely. Moreover, AlmaBetter genuinely believes in the growth of its students more than the growth of the organisation. Choosing AlmaBetter was one of the best decisions I ever made.

My experience with the AlmaBetter Pro Program was excellent. The most beneficial aspect of the Pro Program is you can learn at your own pace with access to unlimited pre-recorded classes. I myself followed the entire curriculum with the help of pre-recorded classes. Moreover, the cost of the Pro Program is very affordable, and it gets refunded once you complete the course. I have already recommended AlmaBetter's Pro Program to many of my friends, and I would recommend it to anyone planning to build a career in the Data Science industry.

I had a great time at AlmaBetter. All the mentors were very helpful, and I loved the way they taught mathematics and machine learning. The Pay After Payment model helped me a lot. It made me focus on my career without worrying about the other aspects. AlmaBetter also conducted Capstone Projects. These projects prepared my team and me to merge in the corporate world and understand the industry. It also helped the whole team to work together and brainstorm ideas, and chasing deadlines. AlmaBetter believes in practical knowledge; hence the entire experience of the project was very professional. Honestly, the risk-free educational approach is something that made AlmaBetter's curriculum stand out.

The One-on-One Mentorship sessions were very beneficial. I interacted with several industry experts and gained helpful knowledge from them. I also made a lot of connections that might help me throughout my career. It was a blissful experience.

Moreover, my placement journey as a Pro Program member was flawless too. The Mock Interviews helped me defend my resume more efficiently and boosted my confidence for the actual interviews. From the beginning of my Job Hunting, my journey was seamless, and I got ample opportunities to prove myself.

My learning experience at AlmaBetter was fun, challenging and rewarding. AlmaBetter will always be by your side throughout the journey. Just trust yourself and AlmaBetter, and you will land a marvelous job.

Roopesh Valluru

Roopesh Valluru
Data Analyst

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