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Be patient and have faith in AlmaBetter and yourself

Almabetter helped me completely transition to the Data Science field and secure a job that I wanted to get.

Hi, I am Sakshi Dhyani. I live in Delhi. I worked in Tata Consultancy Services for three years. I have done a master's in computer science and mathematics, talking about my academic background. Last year, I got introduced to Almabetter and started working on multiple data analytics and data science projects. Coming from a mathematics and computer science background, I developed a keen interest in descriptive and inferential statistics. Also, I have always looked up opportunities to upgrade my skills. I found Data Science to be a field that can help me retain my existing mathematics and computer science skills and learn new techniques. I secured a job offer from Tiger Analytics within 48 weeks of the program’s commencement.

AlmaBetter provides risk-free education and environment to all the students with their pay-after-placement model with a placement guarantee. On top of that, the curriculum is the most student-centered curriculum available. In addition, the quality of the study material and lectures is impeccable. Moreover, guidance from industry experts worked like a cherry on top.

The best element of the placement drive has to be the personal career coach for all students. The career coach guided and supported me throughout the placement process. Moreover, I also enjoyed mock interviews, which boosted my confidence and prepared me for the actual interview. Resume-building and profile-building sessions were also beneficial for the recruitment process.

The One-on-one mentoring session was the best feature of the curriculum. Conversing with an industry professional and gaining knowledge was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Moreover, I also enjoyed working with peers on Capstone projects. It helped me boost my teamwork skills and also in networking. Daily learning report with constructive feedback was also very beneficial.

Almabetter guided me in the best way possible. The program was so properly built that I learned every topic properly. For doubt resolutions, we had portals available to post our doubts. The capstone projects helped to understand a lot of concepts. Specifically, after becoming part of the AlmaX placement drive, the sessions were conducted with various industrial experts for mock interviews. The career coach sessions helped me gain real-world implementation of the skills. These sessions were created to expose industrial interviews in the data science field. Almabetter helped me completely transition to the Data Science field and secure a job that I wanted to get.

Be open to learning, and just be thorough with the curriculum. Utilize the sessions in the best way possible. Be patient and have faith in AlmaBetter and yourself. They will help you in all the ways possible to get a job.

Sakshi Dhyani
Analyst - Data Science

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