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List of Top 15 AI Companies in India in 2024

Published: 13th October, 2023

Vibha Gupta

Technical Content Writer at almaBetter

India has emerged as a powerhouse for significant advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. Read the top AI companies in India to know!

Best AI companies in India - In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, India has emerged as a powerhouse for significant advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The nation boasts a thriving ecosystem of AI businesses, ranging from pioneering startups to established giants, all pushing the boundaries of innovation.

AI is reshaping industries globally, and Indian companies are adapting and innovating astonishingly. The potential of AI to transform businesses, enhance efficiency, and drive growth by analysing vast amounts of data, learning from patterns, and making intelligent decisions is being harnessed by these trailblazing firms.

This article delves into the top 15 AI businesses in India set to make waves in 2024. From AI content writing tools to AI marketing tools, these companies play a pivotal role in shaping the AI landscape. Whether you're an AI enthusiast, a tech-savvy professional, or just curious about AI's transformative capacity, this article provides insights into the leading AI firms to watch in India in 2024.

How are Indian Businesses Adapting to AI Technology?

AI companies in India are rapidly integrating AI across various industries, including healthcare, banking, e-commerce, agriculture, and manufacturing. Leveraging Machine Learning, NLP, computer vision, and deep learning, these companies provide cutting-edge solutions tailored to specific industry demands.


AI companies in India and top AI companies worldwide are revolutionising healthcare with solutions for early disease detection, personalised treatment, and enhanced patient care. Algorithms analyse medical images, predict disease outcomes, and contribute to drug discovery and clinical research, ultimately improving healthcare delivery.

Financial Sector

In the financial sector, AI companies in India and the best AI companies worldwide provide intelligent solutions for fraud detection, risk assessment, and algorithmic trading. Chatbots and virtual assistants powered by NLP or natural language processing enhance customer service, and AI-powered analytics deliver crucial insights for informed decision-making.


AI's impact on e-commerce in AI companies in India is evident through personalised recommendation systems based on user interests and browsing history. Intelligent chatbots handle customer queries, improving engagement, and AI algorithms optimise demand estimation, inventory management, and supply chain operations.


AI companies in India address societal challenges using AI-driven solutions in agriculture. Crop monitoring, production prediction, and resource optimisation empower farmers with vital knowledge, fostering informed decision-making for sustainable productivity.

Research and Development

To navigate the evolving AI landscape, Indian enterprises invest in research and development, collaborate with academic institutions, and partner with global AI leaders. This fosters an innovative culture, attracts top talent, and develops AI expertise. Government initiatives support AI initiatives through regulatory frameworks, financing, and infrastructure development.

Indian AI businesses contribute to the global AI ecosystem, combining technical prowess, entrepreneurial energy, and a vast talent pool. Their agility and focus on real-world problem-solving position them as key players in shaping the future of AI and driving economic growth on a global scale.

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Top AI Companies in India - Listed Artificial Intelligence Companies in India

Here is a comprehensive list of the best AI-based companies in India that are making significant strides - top 10 AI companies in India:


Overview: Mockey is a leading AI mockup generator, one of the AI companies in Bangalore, utilising advanced Machine Learning to process designs into various products, offering a clear preview of designs in real-world contexts.

Tata Elxsi

Overview: Specializing in embedded systems, electronics, and software development, Tata Elxsi is one of the Indian AI companies that focuses on AI applications like facial recognition, natural language processing, and predictive analysis.


Overview: Coforce uses computer vision for process automation, analysing images and videos to enhance operational efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness for global corporations like Amazon and Walmart. It is also set to join Artificial Intelligence listed companies in India.


Overview: A global leader in IT services, Infosys leverages its AI platform, Mana, for tasks like automation, process optimization, and intelligent decision-making, offering AI consulting and implementation services.

HCL Technologies

Overview: HCL Technologies provides AI solutions for consumer engagement, intelligent automation, and data analytics, assisting businesses in enhancing customer experiences and optimizing operations.


Overview: Mindtree invests significantly in AI as a mid-sized IT firm, creating innovative products like an AI-powered platform for automating marketing campaigns and assisting organizations in digital transformation.

CGI India

Overview: A subsidiary of the CGI Group, CGI India focuses on AI-powered solutions in data analytics, automation, and cognitive computing, contributing to projects such as chatbots and facial recognition systems.

Tech Mahindra

Overview: Tech Mahindra, a multinational IT service company, offers AI solutions across industries, including telecommunications, healthcare, banking, and manufacturing, focusing on intelligent automation and data analytics.


Overview: One of the AI-listed companies in India and specialising in business consulting and technology, Cognizant provides a wide range of AI services and solutions, including customer care, fraud detection, and marketing automation.


Overview: ThoughtWorks, a global technology consulting firm, emphasises AI in finance, healthcare, and retail, helping businesses leverage ML and natural language processing for improved decision-making.


Overview: Mphasis, an Indian IT business, focuses on AI solutions for customer support, fraud detection, and supply chain management, contributing to various industries.


Overview: Innovaccer, a healthcare company, leverages AI to connect healthcare data for improved patient care decisions, offering solutions for data aggregation, care coordination, and population health management.


Overview: specialises in talent acquisition and management using AI algorithms for analysing resumes, identifying top candidates, and connecting them with suitable opportunities.

Happiest Minds

Overview: Happiest Minds focuses on AI-powered solutions in healthcare, employing AI to gain insights from data, automate operations, and accelerate digital transformation projects.


Overview: Unsupervised uses AI for customer data analysis, identifying patterns and generating insights through complex algorithms to better understand client behaviors.

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In conclusion, India's AI ecosystem unleashes many capabilities and opportunities across various industries. From established giants like Tata Consultancy Services, Wipro, and Infosys to emerging players like Mockey and Unsupervised, these organisations are harnessing the power of AI to drive innovation. They offer solutions in the form of virtual assistants, intelligent automation, data analytics, and cognitive computing, catering to the diverse needs of industries such as healthcare, banking, e-commerce, and more.

By staying updated on the latest trends, breakthroughs, and collaborations within the Indian AI development companies landscape, we can witness the ever-expanding horizons of this transformative technology. These AI companies are driving innovation in India and making their mark on the global stage, contributing to the continued growth and development of artificial intelligence.

As we move forward in 2024 and beyond, these top 10 Artificial Intelligence companies in India are poised to play a crucial role in shaping the technological landscape, propelling businesses, and offering cutting-edge solutions that will continue to redefine industries and improve our everyday lives. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI innovation positions them as frontrunners in the ongoing digital revolution.

For anyone interested in the world of AI, whether as a professional, enthusiast, or curious observer, these companies represent the vanguard of AI innovation in India, making them essential entities to watch in the dynamic field of Artificial Intelligence. As we traverse this exciting journey of technological advancement, one thing is certain: AI in India is not just a technological advancement but a transformational force that will impact industries, economies, and societies in unprecedented ways. Stay tuned for more breakthroughs and transformative developments from these top artificial intelligence companies in India listed on NSE.

The journey of AI in India is just beginning, and these companies are at the forefront of what promises to be an exciting and transformative era. With their expertise, innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence, these top AI companies are not only shaping the future of India. Still, they are also contributing significantly to the global AI landscape.

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