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Top 5 Certification Courses to Double Your salary

Published: 9th May, 2023

Bala Ganesh

Content Writer at almaBetter

Upskilling is a never-ending process. It all begins with the urge to chase perfection that involves preparation, perseverance, and a positive attitude.

Certification courses give you confidence, credibility, and knowledge to take up more challenges as a professional. A certification not only corroborates your talent but also gives you the acceleration to push professional barriers. In today’s competitive world, having a certified course makes a lot of difference. So today, we discuss the top 5 certification courses to double your salary and the benefits of certification. Based on your profile, you can choose one of these top 5 certification courses to put your career on a pedestal. Continue reading to learn about the reputable courses with certifications that will enable you to land a sizable package:

Top 5 Best Certification Courses to get high salary jobs

  1. Cyber security certification

Cyber Security, as the name suggests, is one of the crucial careers in the data field that connects data of all mediums. From safeguarding variable data to enforcing anti-theft protection, CyberSecurity is one of the booming jobs in the world with around three million job openings, making it one of the high-paid courses in data realms. Cyber Security primarily deals with Network and System Administration, which are the major subjects for the certification. Learning Network Administration will help you understand data transmission’s technical aspects, which will help you secure your data.

On average, a Cyber Security professional earns around 5.5 LPA in India.

  1. AI certification course

The much-touted AI certification course is currently the most sought-after course globally. According to a report from the World Economic Forum (WEF), Artificial Intelligence can create almost 58 million jobs in the next few years. Artificial Intelligence played a key role in revolutionizing the technology we are habituated to today. Even if we stroll at the current pace, AI is going to open an avenue of opportunities comprising various robotics, automation, creative arts, and complex software applications.

In India, an average AI professional earns around 8 LPA with trades predicting more in the future.

  1. Web Design and Development course

Who wouldn’t want a chance to make the world see through his eyes? That is how impactful a Web Designer’s job can be. Typically, a Web Designer is entrusted to create/design a website, integrate graphics, and build infrastructure, applications, and layout. That itself speaks volumes of how interesting and fun a Web Designer and Developer job can be with adequate knowledge in the field. In today’s circumstances, a website is regarded as the most attractive marketing tool for business. If you have a knack for creative designing and an artistic vision, then having a certification course in Web Design and Development will take you to greater heights.

The average annual salary of a Web Developer in India is 5 LPA.

  1. Data Science certification course

Data Science is the job of the generation with potential bigger than Mount Everest. As we live and breathe, data is assimilated into our systems in unfathomable numbers worldwide. This indomitable influx of data requires skilled analysts, and scientists to be purposeful and profitable. Data Science is the cradle of modern civilization which stands on the basics of mathematics, statistics, and strategy. Having a reputed Data Science certification today is equivalent to having a gold ticket entry into every industry dealing with data. It is the highest salary course in the list with global exposure. 91% of businesses are in constant look for Data Scientists and the demand is expected to rise by 36% in coming years. Data Science shelters many disciplines ranging from Mathematics to Deep learning, each with its own set of perks and packages.

The average annual income of a Data Scientist ranges from 10-15 LPA in India.

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  1. Blockchain certification course

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency unfurled a glittery carpet for blockchain to seep into our day-to-day lives. With financial sectors pioneering digital dollars to De-Fi-based transactions, blockchain has proved to be a greater technology that is beyond what we comprehend. Regardless of the cryptocurrency future, the implementations of blockchain are predicted to grow by many folds, opening up a plethora of job opportunities in the coming years. This series of developing events is what makes blockchain certification one of the best courses with a high salary in the world.

The average annual income of a Blockchain Developer is estimated to be 7 LPA in India.

How can the certification courses help you?

Good future opportunities

A professional certification course is proportional to grabbing great opportunities that await you. Each course mentioned above holds a lot of potential and space for you to grow. Certifications make your portfolio credible and give a sense of assurance to companies to hire you. The biggest perk of having the best certification courses is that it unlocks new skills and helps you pace up career building with high-paying salaries. Switching to a new field

At one point or another, we all have harbored the idea of a career shift but were too afraid to do so. Having the best certification course on your side will demolish the inhibitions and offer you enough courage to start anew. Enrolling in a credible certification course gives you a competitive advantage, and professional advancement and demonstrates your willingness to fulfil your role successfully.

Get hands-on experience

Experience outmatches everything! If you are a novice or a professional looking for a career change, certification is your definitive alibi. Many certification courses offer stupendous opportunities to work on capstone projects and internships where you can get hands-on experience that exalts your portfolio to greater standards. Best certification course means high career growth and skill development.

High compensation

Who doesn’t want an exciting reward for all the remarkable work? A proper certification in a respective course will make a lot of difference during hiring. As a matter of fact, most companies are openly calling for people with certification as a prerequisite to apply for jobs. This itself speaks highly of what difference a certification can make during the employment-searching phase.

Why enroll in AlmaBetter for an advanced certification program?

An advanced certification is the best companion to have on your journey to build a successful career. Many factors should be considered before enrolling in a program. The most crucial of all is the curriculum topped up with placement opportunities.

What makes AlmaBetter exceptional is its unique student-centric curriculum which focuses on fortifying multiple facets of the students with minimum enrollment fees. As a student, you will get an opportunity to learn from industry experts and become a part of India’s #1 tech community. What distinguishes AlmaBetter the most is its trademark “hassle-free” education where students of all backgrounds can enroll in the program with no reservations. The purposeful fine balance between academics and practical experience at AlmaBetter empowers students with industry-relevant knowledge and makes them job ready while pursuing the program.

Here is why AlmaBetter is one of the best sites for an advanced certification program in India:

  • 1-on-1 mentorship
  • 100% Placement Guarantee (5-25 LPA) at top tech companies
  • Pay after placement opportunity
  • Lifetime access to reading material
  • On-the-go doubt resolution
  • 100% refundable enrollment fees
  • AlmaX Placement Program
  • Capstone projects


Certification is a sure-shot avenue to earning a successful job in your desired field. Most of the certifications do not discriminate and allow students/professionals from all backgrounds to start a journey of their own. We are all part of a tech-driven world where skills outrun everything including degrees. So having a credible certification course under your belt to substantiate your skill-potential will make a lot of difference in your journey toward becoming a successful professional.


Which certificate course has the highest salary?

Each definitive course has its own set of benefits, amenities, and annual packages. However, Full Stack Web Development and Full Stack Data Science take the top positions as the global demand for both markets is on the rise and predicted to grow considerably in the future.

Which is the easiest course with a high salary?

There’s no such thing as easy or tough when you put your heart into it. Choosing a wise platform or site to pursue your interest in any of the topics and making sure the path post-course completion is looked after can reap great packages with massive career growth.

Which certification is best for the future?

Full Stack Data Science and Full Stack Web Development are the two most coveted certifications across the global market where the demand outnumbers the supply. Experts predict that a total of 110 million jobs will be open by 2026 in Data Science, and Web Development is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 16.15%.

Do certifications help in increasing the salary?

Undoubtedly! Certification demonstrates your experience and academic knowledge which gives you a good start in your career with high salaries. If you are a working professional looking for a salary hike, then acquiring a certification is unequivocally the best way to spruce up your paycheck.

Which course will boom in the future?

Considering the ongoing demand and global requirements, Data Science is on the cusp of becoming one of the most coveted courses across the world. In India, Data Science is one of the coveted jobs which can secure a high-paying job in multiple sectors like finance, transportation, healthcare, law and order, IT, and more. According to analysts, India will see more than 11 million job openings in the field of Data Science in the next five years.

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