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Top 12 Interview Questions for a Web Developer Interview

Published: 12th April, 2023

Bala Ganesh

Content Writer at almaBetter

Businesses across the world regard online presence as a great prestige. In today’s tech-driven world, having a solid web presence transfigures the company’s reputation into revenue.

Businesses across the world regard online presence as a great prestige. In today’s tech-driven world, having a solid web presence transfigures the company’s reputation into revenue. As a result, the search for skilled web developers is at an all-time high globally. In this article, we will walk you through three questionnaire sections comprising the top 12 Web Developer interview questions to help you prepare for the ultimate.


First and foremost comes the introductory section where you get to blend in with the ambience of the interview and introduce yourself to the panel/interviewer. Most people innately submerge themselves in technical and industrial questions but the introduction is what sets the stage for you. Second, comes the behavioral questions where the interviewer attempts to understand you and your work nature, which naturally segues into technical questions where you get to flaunt your skills and knowledge.

Web Developer Interview - Introductory Questions:

Can you walk me through your profile?

This might sound customary but it is the most crucial question in any interview. Most of the time we walk in with flooded heads floating with technical answers but classic questions like these can catch us off-guard. “Can you walk me through your profile?” This is a question that gives you plenty of time and opportunity to tell the interviewer who you are and what have you done pertaining to the job.

Always walk in with a smile and never let the technical pressure overtake your personality. Prepare an easily memorable script beforehand to tackle the introductory question effortlessly. However, sticking firmly to the script only gives the info but not the personality. So, don’t hesitate to digress into relevant stuff and let the interviewer know why you are the perfect fit for this job. Traditionally, introductory questions are meant to scrutinise your communication and social skills. So, frame your words smartly and concisely. It’s in your best interest if you wrap up the answer in under a minute or two, never more.

Why Web Development?

This is where you get to blend your personal and professional interests into proving why Web Development is your forte. For freshers and professionals from different backgrounds, a confident assertion as to why Web Development will make a lot of difference can make a lasting impression.

If you are a professional with a different background, then you must ace this question as the interviewer must sense your enthusiasm and passion. Explain your journey towards Web Development, what fascinated you the most, and how your personal skills complement the skills required in Web Development. Giving away the fuel that led you into becoming a Web Developer will demonstrate your capabilities and conviction. Be confident and answer like a Web Developer.

What is your recent learning?

Web Development is an ever-growing subject. As a Web Developer, you are subjected to stay in touch with the early advancements, recent applications, possible avenues, and genesis of the subject. If you are a junior Web Developer, this question is a prerequisite.

As a web aspirant, you must be comfortable in explaining the new advancements in the subject and how they impacted the current web technology. This necessarily does not have to be technical. Web developers are constant learners. So, keep the balance of things you learned and hope to learn as a Web Developer. Help your interviewer feel the zeal and deal of your learnings.

Web Developer Interview - Technical Questions

Can you explain how you optimize and reduce web application load time?

Irrespective of the nature and purpose of the website or the company that you’re working for, load time is the most important of all. This is also the prime responsibility of a Web Developer in any field.

To avoid confusion, sort your answer in two steps.

Explain how you approach a load time issue and involve the tools you use to analyze the load time, i.e., Google Page Speed Insights.

Now that you're done with finding the issue, present your solution as follows:

Image optimization: Reducing the size of the images to speed up the load time.

Minimizing redirects and HTTP requests: Minimizing HTTP redirects from one URL to another cuts out extra RTTs and wait time for users.

Widgets: Removing unnecessary, surplus widgets will pace up the laid time.

What is the difference between HTTP/2 and HTTP 1.1?

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is used in client-server communication. By using HTTP the user sends the request to the server and the server sends the response to the user.

Here’s the difference: HTTP/1.1 loads resources one after the other, so if one resource cannot be loaded, it blocks all the other resources behind it. Whereas HTTP/2 uses a single TCP connection to send multiple streams of data at once so that no one resource blocks any other resource.

What is the difference between TLS and SSL?

SSL: Secure Socket layer TLS: Transport Layer Security

SSL and TLS are the definitive protocols operated to provide security between web browsers and web servers. TLS is the successor of SSL which is regarded as the most secure. What differentiates them is that, in SSL, the message digest is used to create a master secret that provides basic security services like authentication and confidentiality. In TLS, a pseudo-random function is used to create a master secret that provides less latency and more security.

Have you ever created any code library?

A code library is a partial program that provides an interface for other programs to utilize its functionality. As the name suggests, the code library contains pre-written codes which can be used to optimize tasks. This productive collection of codes is usually used for common problems or functions to save time and effort.

If you have been involved in the code library, explain the process and a few applications to the interviewer. Remember to focus more on the code library functions and briefly on the implementations.

Have you worked on API Integration individually?

API - Application Programming Interface.

Fundamentally, an API is a mediator/translator that allows two different applications to communicate with each other through data and functionalities. A common example would be getting access to a live cricket app’s API for your web page so that the score is displayed on the front end. It is a type of software interface that offers a service to other pieces of software. If you have adequate experience as an individual or as a group member, just go for it. Explain how you tackled integration and the complications, if any.

What programming languages are you proficient with?

Web Developers dabble with different programming languages based on what they are building.

There are two types of programming languages that web developers use: Front-end and Back-end programming.

Front-end programming is what the user or client sees and interacts with which involves HTML and CSS languages.

Back-end Web Development is done by Python and Java. Generally, back-end programming handles communication between the front-end interface and the databases and servers that support it.

Keep your answer clear and concise on what programming you feel confident dealing with. Explain smart tricks if you are aware of any. Stick to your forte.

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What is an HSTS header and how do you install it?

HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security)

HSTS is an early response header provided back to the browser by the web server, that instructs user agents and web browsers how to manage their connection.

Here’s how to install the HSTS header:

  • Enable the modification of response headers.
  • Define the HSTS policy for clients.
  • Redirect requests from virtual hosts that are NOT enabled for SSL to virtual hosts that are enabled.
  • Add your server as a front end to your application server environment so that connections between your application server and a client are over HTTPS.

Web Developer Interview - Behavioral Questions

Do you enjoy working with other Developers to complete a project?

This is a question that sheds light on your teamwork, compatibility, and work nature. If you are unprepared for these types of questions, it will impact your work nature adversely. The best way to ace this question is to use real-life examples where you successfully completed a target or a project as part of a team. Be permeable to the questions and let the interviewer know that you enjoy collaborating for better results.

What industries have you worked in as a Web Developer?

This question takes you back to the first introductory question where you tell about yourself. You can cite your formal answer and explain more about it. Here you get an opportunity to not just spell out the industries but also your contributions to the respective projects.

Hook your interviewers with inventive storytelling. Simply speaking out the experiences might make it monotonous for the panel, thus giving an underwhelming impression. So, write down your experiences and find a way to lead one to the other. Furthermore, if you are a novice or professional who wants to switch, you can briefly explain your expertise in your past field and use it to substantiate your journey as a Web Developer.

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Finding a successful Web Developer job with potential for growth in today’s competitive world is no less than beating an F1 car on foot. In the end, the gumption and passion that helps you achieve your dream job feels like a reward with no expiry date.

Aspiring for a successful job as a Web Developer means preparing yourself to ace every possibility. You can make that intense preparation fun by learning top Web Developer interview questions in a concise way rather than sifting through an ocean of doubts. Being ready by knowing the most asked Web Developer interview questions will take out the interview jitters and keep your mind calm and confident.

The Web Development field offers a beacon of opportunities for young aspirants and professionals to follow their hearts. If you are one such individual with a ravenous passion for Web Development, AlmaBetter’s Full Stack Web Development program can help you achieve your dreams with a high-paying salary with hassle-free education.

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