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NFTs are enhancing the fan experience at FIFA World Cup 2022

Published: 16th May, 2023

Arpit Mehar

Content Developer Associate at almaBetter

We are entering the digital age, with NFTs taking over the world by a storm. In recent years, the NFT market experienced tremendous growth and ...

Several sports franchises are already in the NFT game with virtual mascots, digital collectibles, and licensed sports-themed blockchain games. Fans all over the world love this digital experience and can’t get enough of it. Fortunately, thanks to the FIFA World Cup - the largest and most widely watched sporting event, NFTs are ready to conquer the football community too.

This blog will talk about how several high-profile players and FIFA are launching several NFT projects and campaigns to expand their business and provide a unique experience to fans.

The greatest debate on a virtual pitch

As a football fan, you must be aware of probably the biggest debate of all time; who is the greatest of all time, the little boy from Rosario, Argentina - Lionel Messi, or Portugal’s hero - Cristiano Ronaldo? The 2022 Fifa World Cup might be a pivotal chapter in one of the most powerful stories in the history of football since it might just be the last dance for both superstars. Fortunately, fans of the two can preserve this moment, and many more in their respective legacies as both Messi and Ronaldo have launched their NFT projects.

The Argentine superstar Messi is one step ahead in the game as he launched Messiverse in 2021. The football legend plans to recapture the NFT success via his latest launch - Time Machine Collection. The latest collection by Messi is hosted on Ethernity, the same marketplace that witnessed the massive success of Messiverse. Launched on 27th November 2022, the Time Machine Collection features iconic moments from Messi’s incredible career available for purchase as NFTs.

On the other hand, Ronaldo made his first steps into the NFT world with his official NFT collection. The Portuguese superstar launched his collection on 18th November 2022 on the official Binance NFT marketplace. This official collection might be the first of many, considering Cristiano’s official partnership with the crypto exchange’s NFT arm. Ronaldo’s official NFT collection will feature several iconic moments from his versatile career. From his teenage years in Madeira to conquering the Champions League with Real Madrid, fans can purchase all his iconic moves on the pitch.

FIFA+ Collect

FIFA+ is a godsend for all the fans seeking a legal and convenient way to get involved in the ongoing World Cup matches. FIFA+ is the ideal platform to watch live streams, highlights, and stats. Fans are delighted to finally have a free and efficient platform to watch and enjoy the biggest tournament in the world.

Since fans loved this endeavor by FIFA, the organization also rolled out its FIFA+ Collect initiative to enhance fan engagement. The collection features iconic moments from FIFA’s almost 100-year history. FIFA+ undoubtedly won the hearts of fans worldwide with both these initiatives.

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