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OneFootball x NFT: What's in store?

Published: 16th May, 2023

Arpit Mehar

Content Developer Associate at almaBetter

NFTs are slowly penetrating different sectors, and it’s fair as it is one of the most promising peculiarities in today’s world. Several leading organizations are already in the NFT game, and ...

The sports world is another area where NFTs have flourished in recent years. Trading cards have been an integral part of several sports. The fans feel connected to the players and the game when they own a pack of trading cards. In recent years, companies have been trying to merge nostalgic trading cards with the digital realm, i.e., NFTs, to provide the best experience to the fans.

A recent example of the football realm joining hands with blockchain came with AC Milan’s NFT project with MonkeyLeague. And now one of the most popular sports media platforms, OneFootball has jumped on the bandwagon. The top-rated media platform recently joined hands with Italy’s top-tier football league, Serie A. This global partnership will allow fans to earn digital collectibles.

This blog will dive deeper into this exciting collaboration and explore what fans can expect in the coming days.

What’s in it for the fans?

The 530 million Serie A global fans are in for a treat as this partnership will allow them to collect, own, and trade iconic on-pitch moments from the league’s ongoing games. The moments can vary from goals, tackles, saves, passes, shots, and even unique and unforgettable celebrations from the players.

Additionally, the collaboration extends into providing officially licensed cards based on two other domestic Italian trophies - Copa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana - along with historic and iconic archival moments from Italian football.

According to OneFootball and Serie A, there will be more than 1300 live-action moments for the fans in the form of traditional but digitized packs on OneFootball marketplace-Aera. Another exciting thing about this collaboration is that both OneFootball and Serie A favor providing a unique experience to their fans, as they stated that this is not a “traditional” NFT release.

The Serie A/OneFootball deal suggests that there will be no prohibition to each drop’s volume and that there will be a price point that encourages multiple purchases of moments – more akin to collecting player cards. Generally, NFT releases are known for having a proscription with a limited number in the drop.

The future of NFTs in the football world

The Serie A/OneFootball deal is one of the first steps towards NFTs going mainstream in the football or sporting world. The digital collectibles built on the Flow Blockchain will provide a multi-dimensional experience taking fans from real life to a new digital age.

According to Lucas von Cranach, CEO & Founder of OneFootball, this collaboration plans to provide an accessible experience for Serie A fans by being a reliable platform, a platform they can trust, especially when it comes to NFT releases. The partnership was also excited to announce that fans will be able to gain even more benefits as they expand their Web 3.0 offering and launch more digital products in the future.

NFT releases are an excellent example of going with the trend, especially now that several new young fans are coming almost every day and joining the Serie A as well as the football community. It is safe to say that with the introduction of NFTs in Serie A, the current and upcoming seasons will be dramatically different and much more exciting. It will be fun to see what the players have to offer to their fans in the form of digital collectibles or NFTs.

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