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15 Best Job Portals in India For Job Seekers in 2024

Published: 9th May, 2023

Anupama Raj

Content Writer at almaBetter

Find your dream job from the top job portals in India that offer a range of job opportunities in various sectors for freshers and experienced professionals.

Are you tired of endlessly scrolling through job postings on various portals only to find that none match your skills and expectations? Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, we are here to help you navigate the sea of the best job portals in India and find the top job sites in India that will land you your dream job. These job portals serve not only job seekers but also function as free job portals in India for employers. From tech giants to startups, these portals cater to every kind of job seeker, providing them with a platform to connect with the best employers in the country.

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So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of job portals and land your dream job.

Top 15 Job Portals in India

  6. LinkedIn
  7. Glassdoor
  11. Foundit
  12. Upwork
  13. Work India
  14. Hirect
  15. Quikr Jobs is India’s largest and oldest online job portal. It has been in service since 1997 and is one of India’s most trustworthy and reliable job portals. Being the website with the largest resume database (7.83 cr), businesses frequently use Naukri to locate qualified candidates to fill open vacancies. Moreover, it is one of the best job portals in India for senior management.

Since its launch in 2001, has grown to rank among the most popular employment sites in the nation. Job posts, building personalized applications, following applicants through the hiring process, and monitoring your ads are all made easier with Monster’s help. As one of the top job portals in India, they also provide packages based on the traffic of applicants you anticipate in response to your job ad.

Another one of the best job portals in India is which functions in India and the Middle East. It was introduced in 2004 and is a Times Group property. It offers a variety of services to both job searchers and recruiters, including resume preparation and job notifications, and has a user-friendly interface. was started in 2008 and has since grown to be one of the most popular employment portals in the nation. This job portal’s fundamental features include an app, phone, email, live chat assistance, and easy navigation. With the help of the readily available pre-written job templates, you may post the free job in minutes. is a global job portal that has recently gained popularity in India. It was introduced in 2004 and is now accessible in more than 60 countries. Being one of the top job portals in India and worldwide, it has an additional feature of company review which gives candidates information about the company to which they are applying.


The social networking site LinkedIn is utilized by professionals all around the world. It was introduced in 2002 and has since grown to be one of the most popular platforms for recruiters and job searchers.

LinkedIn helps network and establish connections and is an essential and top employment site for job seekers and recruiters. It’s an effective approach to keeping up with news from various companies, improving your professional reputation, and raising your brand’s worth.


Glassdoor is another popular job portal in India. It was launched in 2008 and is available in over 190 countries worldwide. This employment platform established its reputation by allowing current and past employees to post company ratings.

Glassdoor is one of the best job sites in India for freshers, which is particularly popular among college students looking for internships and recent grads looking for entry-level jobs. is a job portal exclusively designed for fresh graduates and job seekers with little to no experience. It was launched in 2006 and has since become one of the best job sites in India for freshers. is a popular global job portal in India. It was launched in 2010 and is known for its focus on startups and entrepreneurial ventures. Through this platform, you may apply to more than a million startups and find a position that allows you to work independently and effectively. In addition, you may search for jobs by location both inside and outside of India. is another top job portal in India that has recently gained popularity, especially among modern professionals. This AI-powered job portal was launched in 2015 and is known for its focus on curated job opportunities across various sectors. It is one of the top job sites in India with the best tech hiring platforms with top-level talents.


Foundit, one of the top 10 job portals in India, has earned its reputation by consistently serving job seekers and employers with a diverse array of opportunities. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the job search process, making it a trusted choice for those seeking employment in India.


Upwork, a globally recognized freelancing platform and one of the top 5 online job portals in India, has made a significant impact in India by connecting businesses with skilled freelancers. It offers a wide spectrum of freelance opportunities across various sectors, making it an indispensable platform for job seekers and businesses in search of flexible talent.

Work India, a leading job portal and part of the list of job portals in India, stands out with its extensive job listings and mobile app accessibility, revolutionizing job searching in India. It caters to millions of job seekers, providing a comprehensive range of job openings. Both Foundit and Work India serve as free job portals in India for employers and recruiters, simplifying the recruitment process efficiently.


Hirect, a rising star in India's job portal landscape and one of the best online job portals in India, leverages AI-driven hiring solutions to streamline recruitment. It's the preferred choice for employers seeking efficient and tech-savvy hiring processes.

Quikr Jobs

Quikr Jobs, a branch of the renowned Quikr platform and a prominent option among online job portals in India, boasts a vast user base and offers a wide variety of job opportunities across India. It serves as one of the top job search sites in India and a pivotal resource for job seekers and recruiters alike, facilitating seamless job matches.


In conclusion, there are a lot of top sites for job search in India catering to diverse job seekers and employers, making job search and recruitment processes more accessible and efficient than ever before. TheBetterJobs is a great place to interact with recruiters, learn from industry experts, and keep up with the latest jobs in various domains and locations. Finding the right job takes time and effort, but you can make the process much easier with the right tools. After all, every successful journey starts with a single step, so take that step today. Good luck with your job search!

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