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Top 10 Must Have VS Code Extensions for Web Development

Published: 10th August, 2023

Vibha Gupta

Technical Content Writer at almaBetter

This article will explore ten powerful Visual Code Extensions or VS Code extensions that can boost productivity and simplify workflow. Read further for more!

Visual Studio Code Extensions (VS Code extensions) is a trendy source code editor among developers, known for its lightness, flexibility, and extensibility. It offers many extensions that can significantly improve the Web Development experience. This article will explore ten powerful VS Code extensions that can boost productivity and simplify workflow.


VS Code Extensions

1. Prettier - Code Formatter

One of the essential VS code extensions for Web Development is Prettier - Code Formatter. This tool automatically formats your code according to opinionated and customizable rules, ensuring consistent code formatting across your projects. It can be beneficial in collaborative projects where maintaining a specific styling convention is crucial.

To integrate Prettier into the best VS Code extensions for React, you can install the Prettier extension from the VS Code marketplace. Once installed, you can format your code with a keyboard shortcut or automatically format it upon saving the file. This seamless integration makes code formatting a breeze and helps you maintain clean, readable code.

2. JavaScript Booster

The JavaScript Booster extension is a powerful tool that enhances VS Code extensions for Java or VS code extensions for JS with code actions for common refactoring tasks in JavaScript libraries. It provides dozens of code actions, such as converting an if...else statement to a ternary operator, splitting a declaration and initialization into multiple statements, and converting a function to an arrow function.

By leveraging the JavaScript Booster extension, you can easily perform these refactoring tasks, saving time and effort in your development process.

3. ESLint

ESLint is a powerful tool for identifying and fixing problems in your JavaScript code. It helps maintain code quality and enforces coding style guidelines, reducing the chances of introducing bugs and improving overall code readability.

The ESLint is one of the cool VS code extensions for Visual Studio Code enables seamless integration between ESLint and the code editor. It highlights errors and warnings directly in the editor, allowing you to identify and fix issues quickly. You can also use the Problems tab to view all errors in every file within your VS Code workspace.

4. GitLens

GitLens is one of the powerful and useful VS code extensions for leveraging Git source control within Visual Studio Code. It provides a wealth of information and features related to your Git repositories, including file history, commits, branches, and remotes.

With GitLens, you can easily navigate through your codebase and gain insights into the latest changes made to specific lines of code. It displays information about the latest commit where a line was changed, making it easier to understand the context and history of your code.

5. Live Server

The Live Server is one of the must have VS Code extensions for Python or for web developers working on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript projects. It starts a local server that serves pages using the contents of files in your workspace. The server automatically reloads whenever an associated file is changed, saving you from manually refreshing the page in the browser.

To use Live Server VS Code extensions for HTML, right-click an HTML file in the VS Code Explorer and select the "Open with Live Server" option. A new server will be launched, and any changes you make to the file will be instantly reflected in the browser.

6. CSS Peek

The CSS Peek is one of the top VS Code extensions and is a handy tool for quickly viewing CSS style definitions associated with class names and IDs in HTML. It provides three ways to explore CSS definitions: hovering over a class name or ID, opening a persistent definition window, or navigating to the location of the definition in the CSS file.

CSS Peek enhances your productivity by allowing you to easily inspect and understand the CSS styles applied to specific elements in your HTML code.

7. IntelliSense for CSS class names in HTML

The IntelliSense for CSS class names in HTML extension complements CSS Peek by providing code completion for HTML class attributes based on existing CSS definitions in your Visual Studio Code workspace. It saves you time and effort, especially when working with large CSS libraries containing numerous classes.

With this extension, you'll receive suggestions for class names as you type, ensuring you use the correct names without needing manual lookup.

8. JavaScript (ES6) Code Snippets

The JavaScript (ES6) Code Snippets is one of the best VS Code extensions for Web Development working with JavaScript. In other words, it is one of the perfect VS Code extensions for JavaScript. It provides a collection of code snippets in ES6 syntax, allowing you to insert commonly used code patterns and reduce manual typing quickly.

By leveraging the JavaScript (ES6) Code Snippets extension, you can speed up your development process and write code more efficiently.

9. IntelliCode

IntelliCode is an AI-powered extension that brings smart code completion recommendations to Visual Studio Code. It analyzes your code context and suggests the most relevant code completions based on an AI model trained on thousands of popular open-source projects on GitHub.

When you type the “.” character to access object methods or fields, IntelliCode provides a list of members that are likely to be used in the current scenario. This AI-powered code completion can significantly speed up your coding process and improve code accuracy.

10. VSCode Icons

To customize the look of your files in Visual Studio Code, you can use icon pack extensions. One popular icon pack is VSCode Icons, which offers a comprehensive set of icons and has been downloaded over 11 million times. You can also VS Code extensions download to your laptop.

VSCode Icons goes beyond basic file extension differentiation and provides distinct icons for files and folders with specific names, such as package.json, node_modules, and .prettierrc. These icons enhance the visual appeal of the application and make it easier to identify and distinguish different types of files.


In conclusion, these 10 Visual Studio Code extensions are invaluable for web developers looking to enhance their productivity and streamline their workflow. Whether it's code formatting with Prettier, refactoring with JavaScript Booster, or leveraging Git source control with GitLens, these extensions offer a wide range of features that can greatly improve your development experience. Install them now and take your Web Development to the next level.

Remember, to fully utilize these extensions, understand their features and how they integrate into your development process. Experiment with different extensions and find the ones that best suit your needs. Happy coding!

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