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Node JS Tutorial 2023 - Learn Node JS Online for Free

Node.js is an open-source server-side runtime environment for executing JavaScript, known for its efficiency and scalability, making it ideal for real-time web applications and APIs.

In this comprehensive Node JS tutorial, the fundamentals are thoroughly covered, preparing learners to create scalable and high-performance web applications. Through this NodeJS tutorial, learners will gain a profound understanding of Node.js as they delve into a wide array of topics, including development environment setup, module usage, asynchronous programming implementation, and integration with databases and external services are all explored in our Node JS tutorial for beginners.

Learn Node JS with Almabetter for a hands-on, comprehensive tutorial. Almabetter's expert-led Node.js tutorial ensures you grasp Node.js fundamentals and Node JS learning path properly. Gain practical skills for building high-performance web apps and accelerate your career in web development with one of the finest NodeJS tutorials available.

The modules covered in our Node JS Tutorial:

  • Getting Started with Node JS
  • Working with Modules and Packages
  • Working with File System
  • Understanding Asynchronous Programming
  • Building an HTTP Server
  • Express.js – A Node.js Web Framework
  • Working with Databases


Module 1

Getting Started with Node JS

Module 2

Working with Modules and Packages

Module 3

Working with File System

Module 4

Understanding Asynchronous Programming

Module 5

Building an HTTP Server

Module 6

Express.js – A Node.js Web Framework

Module 7

Working with Databases

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Open Compiler
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