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Power BI Tutorial 2024 - Learn Power BI Online for Free

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Learn Power BI from scratch with our comprehensive online Power BI tutorial. Unlock insights, visualize data, and enhance decision-making skills for free!

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Power BI is a cutting-edge data visualization tool that allows users to transform raw data into compelling and interactive insights. Renowned for its robust capabilities in data connectivity, transformation, and modeling, Power BI stands as a pivotal tool in the realms of business intelligence and data analytics.

For those embarking on their journey in data visualization, or seeking a thorough Power BI tutorial to enhance their skills, AlamBetter’s comprehensive Power BI tutorial is an unmatched resource. Designed as the ultimate Power BI tutorial for beginners, it’s structured into digestible lessons that seamlessly guide you through from basic to advanced features of Power BI. This tutorial is your gateway to learn Power BI online for free, equipping you with the knowledge to proficiently navigate the Power BI environment.

Whether you're starting to learn Power BI from scratch or aiming to refine your skills with step-by-step guidance, this tutorial covers all essential aspects.

Modules Covered:

  • Getting Started with Power BI

  • Data Connectivity and Modeling

  • DAX Functions in Power BI

  • Reports and Visualizations

  • Miscellaneous Features

Course Curriculum

Module 1Getting Started with Power BI


What is Business Intelligence (BI)?


What is Power BI?


How to Install Power BI on Windows and Mac


Power BI Architecture

Module 2Data Connectivity, Transformation and Modeling


Power BI Data Sources


Using Power Query in Power BI


Data Transformation Techniques in Power BI


Pivot and Unpivot in Power BI


Handling Text and Date Data Types in Power BI


Merge and Append in Power BI


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