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HOLISTIC learning with REAL projects

We emphasize on a holistic learning approach which combines the relevant and up to date curriculum with real world industry exposure. At the end of each month, you will collaborate with gender diverse peers on a group Capstone project and build real AI applications.


Comprehensive eight month long curriculum designed to get you HIRED!

  • 1

    Python for Data Science

    • Week 0 : AlmaBetter Orientation Program

    • Week 1 : Fundamentals of Python Programming

    • Week 2 : Object Oriented Programming

    • Week 3 : Data Manipulation

    • Week 4 : Data Visualization

    • Capstone Project

  • 2

    Maths for Data Science

    • Week 5 : Calculus & Linear Algebra

    • Week 6 : Probability Theory

    • Week 7 : Descriptive Statistics

    • Week 8 : Inferential Statistics

    • Capstone Project

  • 3

    Supervised Machine Learning

    • Week 9 : Linear & Logistic Regression

    • Week 10 : Introduction to Modeling Techniques

    • Week 11 : SVM & Neural Networks

    • Week 12 : Decision Trees & their ensembles

    • Capstone Project

  • 4

    Unsupervised Machine Learning

    • Week 13 : Dimensionality Reduction Techniques

    • Week 14 : K-means Clustering

    • Week 15 : DBSCAN & Hierarchical Clustering

    • Week 16 : Anomaly Detection

    • Capstone Project

  • 5

    Deep Learning & NLP

    • Week 17 : Deep Neural Networks

    • Week 18 : Convolutional Neural Networks

    • Week 19 : Sequence Modeling

    • Week 20 : Natural Language Processing

    • Capstone Project

  • 6

    ML/Data Engineering

    • Week 21 : Introduction to SQL

    • Week 22 : Database Architecture

    • Week 23 : Model Deployment in Production

    • Week 24 : Building real-time ML application

    • Capstone Project

  • 7

    Analytics Frameworks

    • Week 25 : Introduction to Excel

    • Week 26 : Advanced Excel Analytics

    • Week 27 : Introduction to Tableau

    • Week 28 : Introduction to PowerBI

    • Capstone Project

  • 8

    AlmaX Placement Drive

    • Week 29 : AlmaX Crash Course

    • Week 30 : AlmaX Placement Workshops

    • Week 31 : Mock Interviews & APRT

    • Week 32 : On-campus Placements

Grow better with AlmaBetter

Our success depends on your success - that’s why we, at AlmaBetter, make sure that you get all the career related help from our mentors and career coaches. Our unique and innovative one month long placement drive encapsulates all the major aspects of job preparation, thus making you confident and prepared for any opportunity.

Weekly Schedule

Online live instructor-led learning suitable for students as well as working professionals

Monday to Friday 

(2 hours/day)

19:45 - 20:00  |  Meditation  |  Refreshes the mind for night studies

20:00 - 20:15  |  Scrum  |  Daily stand-up with peers to review the day's material

20:15 - 21:15  |  Concept Class  |  Theoretical learning with practical examples

21:15 - 21:45  |  Doubt Session  |  Doubt resolution and problem solving

21:45 - 22:00  |  Daily Quiz  |  Tests your conceptual understanding


(5 hours)

10:00 - 12:00  |  Guided Project  |  Real-world problem requiring hands-on coding

14:00 - 14:30  |  Interview Point of View  |  Concepts asked in interviews

14:30 - 15:00  |  Weekly Recap  |  Quick revision of key concepts

15:00 - 15:30  |  Case Study  |  Guest lectures by industry experts

15:30 - 16:00  |  1-on-1 with Mentor/Career Coach  |  Feedback and career guidance

20:00 - 21:00  |  Weekly Assessment  |  Enables us to measure weekly progress

YOUR success matters to us

We are in this together. Your mentors and coaches are just a ping away whenever you need any help so that your learning is never hindered.

  • Instructors

    Our industry expert instructors will lead the daily live sessions via Zoom and resolve all your doubts on the go.

  • Mentors

    We will match you with a personalized mentor to guide and help you throughout your journey with us.

  • Career Coaches

    You will be in regular touch with a career coach who will guide you through your entire placement journey.


Learn from an expert team of IIT/IIM graduates & experienced data science professionals

Shivam Dutta

Data Science Instructor - Deep Learning/Computer Vision

Shivam is an IIT Kharagpur alumnus with B.Tech in Chemical Engineering. He is a passionate individual who believes in the extraordinary prowess of Data Science technologies. He previously set-up the data science division of Radware in India, the leading cybersecurity company in the world. He has worked extensively on convolutional neural networks and reinforcement learning algorithms.

Vikash Srivastava

Data Science Instructor - Machine Learning/NLP

Vikash is an IIT Kharagpur graduate with a B.Tech in Civil Engineering. In his current role he has developed the entire FX options volatility prediction stack at HSBC using deep supervised LSTM networks. He has also done enormous research work in the field of Natural Language Processing for developing actionable insights in financial markets.

Shrivatsa Om

Data Science Instructor - Advanced Analytics/Big Data

Shrivatsa is an IIT Kharagpur alumnus with a B.Tech in Electronics & Electrical Communications Engineering. Having worked at companies such as EXL Serivices, JP Morgan and Fullerton India, he has demonstrated excellent Data Science and Analytics capabilities by augmenting existing credit risk and fraud risk models. Currently working as a Senior Manager at Fullerton, he is leading the Pan India Risk Analytics team.

Vivek Kumar

Data Science Instructor - Business Analytics/ML Engineering

With demonstrated history of working in advanced analytics, strategy roles and business intelligence, Vivek has developed the ability to create stories out of data and leverage them for solving complex problem statements for consumers and businesses. He has developed and deployed multiple products from scratch to production environments, thus having a 360 degree view of a product.

Tools you will master


Get personalized guidance from a pool of 40+ talented Data Scientists

A large and thriving AlmaBetter community

Remember you are not alone in your journey. You have got hundreds of friends who are going through the same phase. Stay connected with our large alumni base and your peers through our committed AlmaBetter community.