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Fully refundable program fee

The entire fee paid for Pro program is fully refundable upon completion of Pro program. The learning cost for any student is effectively ZERO.

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  • Why do we charge nominal program fee?

    We are investing heavily in providing the best-in-class learning experience for our Pro program students. In order to encourage serious candidates, and keep the students motivated throughout the program, we charge a nominal program fee(security deposit) that is refundable upon completion of the program.

  • When is the program fee refunded?

    The program fee is fully refunded if any of these criteria is met:
    1. The student completes the Pro program and earns the Pro program certification.
    2. If the student lands a job offer in the domain of Data Science while he or she is still pursuing the Pro program.

  • How do we ensure optimal learning at ZERO effective cost?

    We at AlmaBetter believe in democratizing quality education. We have allocated INR 2 crore fund to train motivated individuals. Our mission has been covered by The Economic Times, The Hindu, and other leading national media

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One program for all your needs!

- Fully refundable program fee (security deposit) to filter non-serious candidates and better optimize learning resources

- Entire program fee paid for Pro program is refunded once you complete the program and start your placement journey

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  • Unlimited live lectures for all ongoing cohorts

  • Unlimited lecture recordings and materials

  • Personalized 1-on-1 mentorship with industry professionals

  • Real-world capstone projects

  • Doubt resolution on the go

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Pro Program Curriculum

  • 1

    Python for Data Science

    • Fundamentals of Python Programming

    • Object Oriented Programming

    • Data Manipulation

    • Data Visualization

    • Capstone Project

  • 2

    Maths for Data Science

    • Calculus & Linear Algebra

    • Probability Theory

    • Descriptive Statistics

    • Inferential Statistics

    • Capstone Project

  • 3

    Analytics Frameworks

    • Introduction to SQL

    • Introduction to Excel

    • Advanced Excel Analytics

    • Introduction to Tableau

    • Capstone Project

  • 4

    Machine Learning

    • Linear & Logistic Regression

    • Introduction to Modeling Techniques

    • SVM & Neural Networks

    • Decision Trees & their ensembles

    • Dimensionality Reduction Techniques

    • K-means Clustering

    • DBSCAN & Hierarchical Clustering

    • Anomaly Detection

    • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    • Recommender Systems

    • Time Series Analysis

    • Capstone Project

  • 5

    Industry Insights

    • Guesstimates

    • Puzzles

    • Generic Case Studies

    • Data Science Case Studies

  • 6

    Deep Learning

    • Neural Networks and Deep Learning

    • Improving Deep Neural Networks

    • Convolutional Neural Networks

    • Sequence Models

    • Capstone Project

  • 7

    ML and Data Engineering

    • Database Architecture

    • Model Deployment in Production

    • Building real-time ML application

    • Capstone Project

  • 8

    AlmaX Placement Drive

    • AlmaX Crash Course

    • AlmaX Placement Workshops

    • Mock Interviews

    • On-campus Placements

AlmaX Placement Drive

  • 1. Dedicated Career Coach

    You will be assigned a dedicated career coach who will be your go-to person in case of any help that you may require during the placement season.

  • 2. Resume Building Session

    Your career coach will help you build a smart resume with our proprietary AI-enabled resume building platform.

  • 3. Placement Workshops

    Learn effective tips to land your dream job through our meticulously curated workshops by industry experts in topics ranging from industry insights to salary negotiation.

  • 4. Mock Interviews

    Gauge your weaknesses with ultra-friendly mock interviews and get actionable feedback from your career coach.

  • 5. 200+ Hiring Partners

    Your resume will be forwarded to our nationwide network of hiring partners ranging from Fortune 100 companies to high paying start-ups.

  • 6. Multiple Job Offers

    Each student can apply for multiple companies through us. Many students get multiple job offers to choose from in terms of role, location, package and work culture.

Join the fastest growing Data Science community now!

Trust us, you will never be alone in your journey. You will make hundreds of friends who are going through the same phase. Stay connected with our large alumni base and your peers through our committed AlmaBetter community.

Job Oriented Learning

Get full access to knowledge-packed sessions held on Saturdays

  • Guided Hands-on Project Sessions

    Follow the instructor and master the art of problem solving

  • Interview Point of View Sessions

    Get to know all the questions asked in interviews

  • Case Study & Guest Lectures

    Gain industrial exposure and broaden outward thinking

Experiment and learn!

Scared of mathematics? Don't worry, our Data Science Lab will help you understand complex equations via intuitive experiments.

Payment Plans

We charge a refundable program fee to keep you motivated throughout the learning journey.

EMI options available.

  • Pro Flex Plan (INR 12,999)

    Avail this option if you are looking to opt for flexible self paced learning.

  • Pro Live Plan (INR 19,999)

    Avail this option if you are looking to attend live classes with a cohort.


Pass all the competency tests and earn the certificate of Data Science Pro Program. Also, earn a certificate for clearing each competency challenge.

Admissions FAQs

  • How do I enrol in the Data Science Pro Program?

    Data Science Pro Program is available for everyone. You can pay for the Live/Flex plan to get enrolled.

  • Who can enrol in the Pro Program?

    Data Science Pro Program is open to anyone willing to learn Data Science. There is no limitation with respect to your educational background or stage of study. This program is especially beneficial for people who have jobs or other commitments and therefore want to learn Data Science from scratch at their own pace. Also, if you have already done some courses and want our placement services, you can enrol in the program and be eligible for placements just after clearing the competency tests. To summarise, this program is suitable for everyone, whether you are a beginner with no coding background or you have done some courses in Data Science.

  • What is refundable program fee?

    We charge a nominal program fee for our Pro program offering. This fee is entirely refundable once you complete the course and become ready for your placement journey. The refundable fee model helps us in filtering non-serious candidates and saves our resources from any hassle.

  • Is there any selection test for the Pro Program?

    You don't have to take any test to enrol in the Data Science Pro Program.

  • What is the difference between the two learning plans - Pro Flex and Pro Live?

    Pro Flex plan is suitable to those learners who want to learn at their own pace. They would not have access to the live classes. Pro Live plan is suitable to those learners who want to attend live classes and learn with a cohort.

  • Is the program fee refunded if I don't opt for placements?

    Yes, the program fee is fully refunded as soon as you complete the course and get your certificate. The placement service is an optional offering at our end.

Curriculum FAQs

  • What is the duration of the Data Science Pro Program?

    Data Science Pro Program has a flexible duration. It can be completed between 1-12 months depending upon your commitment and prior knowledge of data science concepts. For example, if you have already done some courses and are confident about your knowledge, you can directly attempt the competency tests. But if you are new to this field, it may take 8-12 months for mastering all the concepts to become job-ready.

  • How much attendance is mandatory for Data Science Pro Program?

    There is no mandatory attendance policy for the Data Science Pro Program. You can attend live sessions or can learn at their own pace by watching recorded lectures.

  • How will I be evaluated during the Data Science Pro Program?

    Once you learn and master a particular module, you will be required to attempt a set of tests which includes 3-4 Mini Challenges, 1 Mega Challenge, 1 Capstone Project and 1 Mentored Mock Interview. Once you pass all of these, you will be considered competent in that particular topic. Overall, you have to master 8 modules.

  • What are the criteria for passing a module?

    Passing a module means completing 3-4 Mini Challenges, 1 Mega Challenge, 1 Capstone Project and 1 Mentored Mock Interview.

  • What if I am not able to clear a particular module?

    You will get multiple attempts to clear a module.

  • Will I be given certificate upon program completion?

    Yes, post completion, you will get the certificate of Data Science Pro Program. Additionally, you will also get completion certificate for successfully clearing milestone competency tests.

Placements FAQs

  • When will the placement process start?

    Once you clear all the competency tests you will earn a certificate of completion. Post that you will be eligible to participate in our placement drive called AlmaX.

  • What are competency tests?

    Once you learn and master a particular module, you will be required to attempt a set of tests which includes 3-4 Mini Challenges, 1 Mega Challenge, 1 Capstone Project and 1 Mentored Mock Interview. Once you pass all of these, you will be considered competent in that particular topic. Overall, you have to master 8 modules.

  • How many hiring partners does AlmaBetter have?

    We currently have partnerships with 120+ companies ranging from high growth startups to large MNCs. However, owing to our relentless pursuit, this number keeps increasing as we have been constantly expanding our network of hiring partners.

  • What if I want to get a job only in my hometown?

    Your job location is solely based on the opportunities available with our hiring partners. We do not commit anything with respect to a preferential job location.

  • Does AlmaBetter provide job-switching assistance?

    Yes, we believe in making a long-term relationship with our students. We will help you in switching jobs through our strong alumni network.

Income Share Agreement (ISA) FAQs

  • What is an Income Share Agreement?

    Income Share Agreement or ISA is a legal agreement, which ensures that students share a pre-determined part of their income as tuition fee. For the Data Science Pro Program, the ISA amount is INR 10,000 per month for 20 months after your first salary. You will have to sign the ISA only if you opt for placement services from us.

  • Can I see a copy of the ISA?

    Yes, of course. As you go through our ISA signing process, you will be counseled on various aspects of the ISA and a copy of the same will be made available to you at the end.

  • When do Pro Program students sign the ISA?

    Pro Program students need to clear all the competency tests to avail placement guarantee from AlmaBetter. Pro Program students opting for placement guarantee option will be required to sign the ISA.

  • When do I have to start paying as per the ISA?

    You will start paying from the time you get your first salary after joining a high paying job. The threshold salary has been kept at INR 6 Lakhs per annum i.e. you don't pay us anything until you get a job paying at least INR 6 Lakhs p.a.

  • How will AlmaBetter verify my income?

    As per the ISA, you will be legally bound to furnish all the income relevant documents such as Offer Letter, Salary Slips, Income Tax Returns, Bank Statements, etc. to AlmaBetter.

  • Will I have to pay if I quit the job or get fired?

    If you voluntarily quit your job, your payment will continue. However, in cases of forced termination, your payment will be paused and we will put our best efforts to get you another job as soon as possible. However, any such arrangement will involve a third party (a NBFC) and a non-payment window will be provided only after proper verification.

  • What will happen if I do not pay any EMI?

    At AlmaBetter, fee collection happens through a NBFC partner. In case of voluntary non-payments, the NBFC will initiate legal action to recover the pending payments. Also, this will negatively impact your credit score.

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