• How do I apply for this program?

    If you are interested in our Data Science LER program, you can click on the "Apply Now" button on the bottom of this page.

  • Who is eligible to apply for this program?

    1) Academic Background - You should have a graduation degree. Final year students are also eligible. 2) English Proficiency - This program is conducted in English, hence you should be able to follow instructions in English. 3) Part-Time Availability - You should be able to commit a minimum of 2 hours involvement on weekdays and at least 5 hours of involvement on Saturdays. Given the LER program is a part time program and we have tried to accommodate your academic or job commitments, we expect that you are able to take out the minimum hours on a daily basis for successful completion of the program and you eventually get placed in Data Science roles with a decent salary. 4) Available to work after program - The objectives of this program are learning and placement, hence you should be available to take a job after completion of this program.

  • What are the logistics required for this program?

    1) Minimum 1 Mbps download speed. 2) Minimum Computer Hardware Specs - a) 1 GHz Processor b) 4 GB RAM c) 120 GB Hard Drive d) Microphone e) WebCam

  • What is the selection criteria of this program?

    The main thing we assess for in our enrollment process is the efforts a student will be able to put during this program.

  • Tell me about the admission process

    We have carefully designed our admission process to be like a personalized counselling session. Going through it will help you figure out if this program will be useful for you. Further our admission process will also help you develop a healthy mindset about Data Science. This is especially important if you are coming from a completely different background.

  • Do I need to pay or submit any bond/agreement for going through the admission process?

    No, you can go through our admission process without paying or submitting anything. You only have to pay, once you clear the admission process and decide to join this program.

  • When will I get the selection result?

    You’ll automatically get the selection result when you complete the admission process.


  • Is the LER program part time?

    Yes the LER program is a part time program. We understand that as a final year student or a working professional, you would have other academic or job commitments. Therefore to accomodate your interests we have designed this program to be part time in nature.

  • How long is the program going to be?

    The LER program is a 32 week long program.

  • Is it possible that the program might get extended to more than 32 weeks?

    Yes, sometimes depending on the pace of the batch, the program might get extended by a bit. In the end, we want to make sure that none of our students get left behind. To ensure this we sometimes have to take repeat lectures or slow down the pace of the batch.

  • What certificate will I be given on program completion?

    You’ll get a certificate from AlmaBetter when you complete the LER program.

  • What is the medium of instruction going to be?

    Since each batch includes students from all over India, we follow English as the only medium of instruction. You are expected to be proficient enough in English to be able to understand the lectures and ask doubts.

  • How will I be evaluated during the program?

    Assessment will be based on rubrics - in education terminology, rubric means a scoring guide used to assess and evaluate students’ progress. It is a set of criteria for grading assignments & projects. Rubrics usually contain evaluative criteria, quality definitions for those criteria at particular levels of achievement, and a scoring strategy. They are presented in table format and can be used by instructors when marking / evaluating.

  • If I fail in the weekly exam, what will happen next?

    You‘ll be given a chance to attend the retest.

  • What if I am not able to clear a particular module?

    You will be given a chance to go through a particular module twice.

  • If I want to drop out in the middle of the program what will happen?

    After confirmation, an invoice will be raised against you according to the dropout policy mentioned in the ISA.

  • How many hours of daily lecture will be there?

    2 hours of live lectures on weekdays and 4 hours of live lectures on Saturdays.

  • Is there any project in this program?

    Yes there will be four major Capstone projects. Apart from that you will be required to do relatively small projects on weekly basis.

  • Is attendance mandatory as it is an online program?

    Yes a minimum of 85% lecture attendance is required to complete this program. Attending lectures and other sessions allows you to get all your doubts resolved in real time.

  • What is an AMA session?

    AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. Sometimes we conduct AMA sessions with expert industry Data Science professionals. This is where you can ask any questions you might have around industry best practises or about this program.

  • When will the daily lectures be available?

    Please go through the detailed weekly schedule in the curriculum page.

  • Will the content be available after the completion of the program?

    Yes you will have lifelong access to the entire set of lectures and study materials.

  • Who will be the faculty for this program?

    We select all our faculty very carefully, based on both their technical knowledge as well as content delivery skills. We have specialized faculty for major modules in the program. Most of our faculty are IIT/IIM graduates and expert Data Science professionals.


  • When will the placements start, what will be the procedure?

    Placements start at the end of the program i.e. after 7 months. Before that you will be required to qualify the AlmaBetter Placement Ready Test (APRT).

  • What is APRT (AlmaBetter Placement Ready Test)?

    At the end of the LER program AlmaBetter conducts a transparent final test and students scoring more than 75% are considered eligible for placements.

  • What if I don’t qualify the APRT?

    No worries, there is no limit on the number of APRT attempts.

  • Does AlmaBetter prepare me for the interviews as well ?

    Yes, in our one month long placement season, we conduct 6+ workshops on resume building, augmenting profile on job portals and one-on-one mock interviews. Checkout the full details of workshops in the placements page.

  • How many hiring partners does AlmaBetter have?

    AlmaBetter has more than 120+ hiring partners.

  • Where are these hiring partners based out of?

    Majority of our hiring partners are based out of Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Delhi NCR. And the rest are spread across other cities in India.

  • What if I want to get a job only in my hometown which is not mentioned above (Tier II or III cities)?

    You should be willing to relocate to tier 1 cities as mentioned above. However, when setting up your interviews we will give priority to partners belonging to your hometown.

  • Does AlmaBetter provide any placement support even after my 1st job?

    Yes, through regular hiring sessions and a strong alumni base. We assist you in switching jobs even after you get placed.

  • Does AlmaBetter guarantee a job after this program?

    Yes we do provide placement guarantees at AlmaBetter. If we fail to provide you any job within the six months of program completion, you don't have to pay any tuition fee at all.


Income Share Agreement (ISA)

  • What is an ISA?

    ISA is the Income Share Agreement. ISA fundamentally means that you share a part of your income as the program fee i.e. you pay the program fee, once you start earning as a result of the skills you learn in the program.

  • How does ISA work at AlmaBetter?

    According to our ISA, you will pay the tuition fee in monthly payments of INR 10,000 for 30 months once you get a job earning at least 6 LPA or get a hike of at least 25%. ISA is a legally binding contract which ensures that all the parties involved in the contract follow all the rules and regulations. It has information, terms & conditions related to your Training, Placement & Income Sharing. ISA is signed by you, AlmaBetter and your confirming party (guardian).

  • Can I see a copy of the ISA?

    Yes, of course. As you go through our admission process, you will be counseled on various aspects of the ISA and a copy of the same will be made available to you at the end.

  • Does the ISA amount include taxes?

    Yes, it is inclusive of all taxes.

  • When do I have to start paying as per the ISA?

    You will start paying from the time you get your first salary after you join a company paying you 6 LPA (for freshers) /25% hike (for working professionals) or more.

  • How will you verify my income?

    As per the ISA, you will be legally bound to furnish all the documents relevant to your income such as Offer Letter, Salary Slips, Income Tax Returns, Bank Statements etc.

  • Will I have to pay if I quit the job or get fired?

    Yes. You will have to keep paying. Our value proposition is to train you and help you to get a job in the Data Science domain. At the same time, while doing that, we make sure not to force you to join any particular company. At the end of the day the company you join is based on the company’s and your mutual choice. After that you will have to use your skills to grow in your career. However, if you do get fired, being an AlmaBetter alumnus, we will try connecting you with our hiring partners for other jobs.

  • Will I have to pay if I change my job?

    Yes. You will have to keep paying.

  • How will the ISA work if I drop before the completion of the program?

    We ideally want each of our registered students to succeed. Hence once a batch starts we hate to see anyone leave mid-way. However, we do understand that sometimes circumstances might force you to seek a drop off in the middle of the LER program. To provide you a comfortable exit in this case we have a drop out policy. The details of the drop out policy are also mentioned in the ISA. It allows for an easy drop out till 1 month into the LER program. In this case, your ISA will stand null & void and you would not have to pay any additional fee. After 1 month, if you drop out, then there is a drop-out fee depending on the time you drop out at.

  • Will I have to pay if I get a job earning less than 6 LPA?

    No, you don’t have to pay in that case. However, at the same time, as per the ISA, you are not allowed to take up any job paying less than 6 LPA, in the 6 month period following program completion. You can only do this after taking explicit written permission from AlmaBetter.

  • Will I have to pay if I get a job with less than 25% hike on my current CTC?

    No, you don’t have to pay in that case. However, at the same time, as per the ISA, you are not allowed to take up any job paying less than 25% hike, in the 6 month period following program completion. You can only do this after taking explicit written permission from AlmaBetter.

  • For how long do I need to pay the EMIs?

    We provide flexible EMI options: i) 24 months - INR 10000 per month ii) 12 months - 5% discount iii) 6 months - 10% discount

  • Can I pay all the ISA payments at once?

    Yes, you will have the option to pay in full, directly to AlmaBetter at 20% discount.

  • What will happen if I do not pay any EMI?

    If your payment collection is happening through AlmaBetter assigned NBFC, missing your EMIs will affect your credit score negatively thus making it harder for you to get any loan in future. The NBFC assigned to you, will also most likely take legal recourse to get back their loan amount. If you are paying directly to AlmaBetter, there will be a late fee of INR 100 per day. While we will hate to, but we will have to execute your ISA Breach Recovery Cheques and take legal action if your EMI gets delayed by more than 30 days.

Extra Money Back Agreement (EMA)

  • What is EMA?

    EMA is a legal agreement serving as an assurance mechanism for students who are paying tuition fees upfront. The basic premise of having this agreement in place is to make your investments safe and at the same time to ensure we do our best to help you get a job.

  • Is the upfront fee refunded, in case a student doesn’t get a job?

    If you do not get a job with AlmaBetter Minimum Guarantees, we will refund you entire fees with 10% extra interest.

  • In which case should I choose the upfront fee payment option?

    Upfront fee amount is significantly lesser than the ISA fee amount. Hence, you should ideally choose the upfront fee payment option if you can afford to pay it directly.