6 tips to suit-up for your first day at AlmaBetter

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Here are a few things you need to get ready and take care of, before beginning your voyage; the ‘To-Do list’ before the first day:
6 tips to suit-up for your first day at AlmaBetter

Congratulations for being selected at AlmaBetter!

We are delighted to have you on-board with us. You are all now the Pirates of your Cohort Ship, just about ready to begin one of the most thrilling, challenging and life-changing experiences of your lives. For a successful voyage and an exciting journey, you need to first prepare yourselves. In the next few days, you need to pack up your bags and keep things handy to launch a smooth learning experience.

Here are a few things you need to get ready and take care of, before beginning your voyage; the ‘To-Do list’ before the first day:

1. Schedule your slots

The foremost thing to manage in a drive is time – ‘Schedule your time’. Set up a time table for yourselves. List down the class hours, time of other day to-day works, office or college timings and sort it accordingly.

On weekdays, AlmaBetter needs you to give 2 hours i.e. 8 – 10 p.m. IST. Arrange your dinner before or after this correspondingly, pertaining to the needs of your body. Ensure that you complete your other tasks before sitting for the classes to focus properly in lectures and avoid tension of pending work. You are required to give 5 hours (2+2+1) on Saturdays, following which you’ll be handed over assignments and projects to be submitted by Sunday evenings. Picture all of this in your head and decide how and when you need to devote time and organize appropriately.

2. Basic amenities

Ensure that you have all the right tools and equipment for your chosen course.


  • Wifi/Network
  • Windows/Mac

3. Talk with the loved ones

Having honest conversations with your friends, family and kin about your expectations regarding the course and future is crucial to avoid any disagreements or obstructions in the next 32 weeks. Let them know How you feel about the course, How do you want to go about it, What changes you need to make to adjust accordingly, What do you think of your future and so on.

A peaceful environment and a silent davenport are necessary for effective learning. Prepare to set healthy expectations and confines with your loved ones ahead of time.

4. Arrange Substitutes

When you’ll be busy attending classes, you need someone to look after your children or prepare dinner for the family. Gather in your family members and make arrangements as to who will take care of the family responsibilities and work while you’re busy in class.

A systematized setup at home and mutual understanding with your father, mother, siblings or spouse about the level of commitment required to be successful at AlmaBetter will allow you a smooth run in the upcoming 8 months.

5. Resources to give you a start

At AlmaBetter, you will be a part of an intensive, fast-paced program for a period of 32 weeks. Matching up the pace of curriculum and skills required is important, but at the same time, difficult. We’re immersing you to a new culture, especially taking into account the ones from a non-coding background. Herein, we desire creativity, ingenuity and commitment from you. You will have access to mentors and coaches to guide you, whilst you’ll have to be resourceful and enthusiastic to communicate and learn effectively. We recommend you to go through some coding or data science programs and videos on the loose in your free time to have an idea/overview and to give a bright kick start to your course.

6. Self-designed Learning Environment

One of the biggest perks of AlmaBetter course is the ability to attend classes from anywhere-whether that’s at your office desk or in the comfortable couch at home. You will have access to all your study material at home. All you need to do is create your own learning territory.

Wherever you choose to learn, make sure you have a quiet, sublime and dedicated workspace. Having your lovely provisions around like your favourite pen and note-pad, favourite flower vase makes you cheerful and jolly. Have a proper table and chair seating arrangement to make the sitting hours easy on your back. Ensure the setup at a secluded place to avoid distractions from children. Since all the sessions are to be conducted via Zoom Cloud Meetings, make certain that your work background is neat & tidy, and you have undisturbed access to your network or Wi-fi.

Keep up all of this ready and heads up for the class! We will see you on your First Day!

Arpit Mehar
Content Developer Associate at AlmaBetter

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