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Imagine a skill school that invests in its students and alleviates the problem of expensive quality education by helping students gain in-depth knowledge at ZERO upfront cost. Sounds unrealistic, doesn’t it?
Rethinking Education with AlmaBetter

Imagine a skill school that invests in its students and alleviates the problem of unaffordability of quality education by helping students gain in-depth knowledge at ZERO upfront cost. Sounds unrealistic, doesn’t it?

Well, we at AlmaBetter are committed to turning this surreal imagination into a reality. We impart Data Science training to select students on the “Pay After Placement” model where we charge them only after they start earning above a set minimum threshold salary. Our novel concept eliminates any financial risk that students may otherwise face in the current education system.


We live in a data-driven world, and guess what’s next? A data-driven future! Data Science is progressively being utilized across a varied spectrum of business enterprises. As more and more businesses realize the capability and need of data-driven decision making, the demand for data science professionals has skyrocketed. On the flip side, the supply growth remains stunted. This can be imputed to three factors-

Unavailability of Data Science as an established course in the mainstream college curriculum.

Unaffordability of efficient and job-oriented online Data Science courses to a majority of potential learners.

Disconnect between recruiters and candidates.

The question that arises is that how do we augment the supply of skilled AI workforce to meet the ascending demand?

AlmaBetter is dedicated to providing ingenious solutions to the above question. We truly believe “Talent is evenly distributed across the society; however, opportunity is not”. With our innovative “Pay After Placement” model, we can make quality training accessible to talented individuals across India, thus breaking the shackles of a risk-inscribed education system.

This model eradicates the concept of risk in education, so that students graduate only with skills, and not with debt!

Moreover, our objectives are aligned with student’s objectives (as we earn only when they earn), we bring our utmost honesty into making the student’s learning journey fun and enriching. Let us explain to you, HOW?

At AlmaBetter, we are challenging the traditional education system by incorporating innovative measures at each step of the student’s learning journey -

Industry Relevant Curriculum - Our curriculum is designed considering the relevance and usage of concepts and tools in the Data Science domain.

Innovative Teaching Methodology - Our instructors (from premier colleges like IITs/ IIMs) focus on imparting learning through experiments and gamification to make the process gripping and enthralling. They truly add the ‘fun’ while explaining the ‘fundamentals’.

Novel Evaluation Techniques - We challenge the adequacy of the evaluation process in the traditional evaluation system (student performance is assessed based on exams conducted twice/thrice in a semester). Instead, our evaluation mechanism leverages technology to intercept behavioral inhibitions to learning at a day-to-day level. This helps us to provide a customized learning experience at individual levels.

Mentorship - We methodize one-on-one mentorships for our students, where we connect them to accomplished and experienced Data Science professionals. Such interactions provide the students with essential problem-solving skills, instill confidence in them and help them understand the business applications of underlying theoretical concepts.

To conclude, we focus profoundly on imparting skills and values beyond the usual curriculum. Our company goal is not unilateral and we put our students first. Our aim is not just to create techies but to create the technology leaders of tomorrow.

Become a part of our family and rethink education with AlmaBetter!

Arpit Mehar
Content Developer Associate at AlmaBetter

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