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According to one of the data science pioneers, Andrew Ng, data science is the new electricity. India is in dire need of data scientists. Industries all over the world have realized the importance of using data. It is fair to say that we live in a world driven by big data. Hence, the demand for data scientists is increasing exponentially. Also, Data Science is an ever-growing industry, and the required skillset cannot be mastered in a short period. It requires a deliberate approach and consistent efforts.
AlmaBetter's Full Stack Data Science Program

Keeping that in mind, AlmaBetter aims to narrow the gap between Data Science job openings and the rate of upskilling in India with their Full Stack Data Science Program. AlmaBetter’s Program is India’s #1 Data Science program designed perfectly for young data science enthusiasts as working professionals to upskill and land a job in this demanding industry. AlmaBetter, with the help of their 200+ hiring partners, also offers a placement guarantee to students.

The Full Stack Data Science Program is devised to provide robust training to young talents and give them an edge in securing a job in this promising industry. Around 70% of Data Science Program students get placed before completing the program. The Data Science Program provides an excellently- engineered and industry-relevant curriculum that focuses heavily on the practical usage of Data Science concepts. Moreover, AlmaBetter believes that they will succeed when their student thrives. Hence, the Full Stack Data Science Program delivers a risk-free learning environment for all the students.

This Program Includes

Lifetime access to the program (recorded lectures, study materials, assignments, and projects) Students can easily access all the learning elements and revise the challenging concepts multiple times with Lifetime access to the program.

One-on-one mentorship sessions with industry professionals. Mentorship sessions with industry experts are the perfect way to expand your industry knowledge while boosting your confidence and communication skills. Every mentor has a different story, and it helps you learn from them immensely. Students can also resolve their doubts through these mentorship sessions.

5+ Industry relevant Capstone Projects Working on Capstone projects helps students boost their technical skills, team-building skills, and communication skills. Also, it is one of the best ways to showcase your skills and prove your credibility to recruiters.

Access to the exclusive Data Science community. AlmaBetter Data Science Community is India’s #1 Data Science community, and it is the ideal place to build your network and connect with like-minded folks. The AlmaBetter Community is the perfect place to broaden the horizon of knowledge. Students can ask questions and share tips and tricks with people from diverse backgrounds and industries in the AlmaBetter Community. With the user-friendly browsing experience on the AlmaBetter Community app, students can swiftly find topics of interest and like-minded peers. Informative discussions are also a significant part of our data science community. One can easily follow or join a discussion and impart their knowledge on the discussion channels.

Access to Data Science Lab

Data Science requires mastery over technical concepts in mathematics. Thus AlmaBetter’s Data Science lab hosts a wide variety of visual experiments which students can perform and see what’s going on underneath.

Fully refundable program fee

AlmaBetter offers the Data Science Program with two different plans, Pro Flex and Pro Live. The subscription fees are fully refundable once students complete the program and earn the Full Stack Data Science Program certification. The minimal and refundable subscription fee makes it one of the most cost-effective Data Science programs.

Flexible Learning

The Full Stack Data Science Progam allows students to attend live lectures or learn with pre-recorded lectures at their own pace. The flexible learning environment helps students and working professionals upskill according to their convenience.

Why this is the #1 Data Science Program

Reverse Engineered Curriculum

AlmaBetter’s Full Stack Data Science Program curriculum covers full-stack data science concepts starting from Python, Analytics Frameworks such as SQL, Excel, tableau, math concepts such as Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability & statistics to Machine Learning, NLP, Deep Learning and ML Engineering. These in-demand skills would help students get a wide range of jobs available in the Data Science industry today.

Visual Experiments

Data Science is a relatively technical field, and that’s why the this program includes conducting visual experiments that are intuitive, interactive, and make learning fun.

Student-centered curriculum

AlmaBetter’s Full Stack Data Science Program undoubtedly has the most student-centered data science curriculum. Online training programs can be distracting, and it can be strenuous for students to sit through long lectures. Hence, they have gamified their live classes through highly interactive Kahoots.

AlmaX Placement Drive

After completing the Data Science Program, students can opt for the placement drive. The AlmaX Placement Drive makes students job-ready with their robust training and gets them placed with their hiring partners with a minimum guaranteed salary in the range of 6-25 LPA.

200+ Hiring Partners

AlmaBetter has partnered with 200+ plus growing start-ups, medium-level corporate, and MNCs based out of different cities all over the country. Moreover, the AlmaBetter team is working towards expanding its hiring network.

Arpit Mehar
Content Developer Associate at AlmaBetter

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