Full Stack Data Science Curriculum

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AlmaBetter's robust curriculum is ideal for every data science enthusiast. The quality of content is impeccable, and the curriculum is structured to perfection for a seamless learning experience. We strive to provide you with the most detailed and updated Data Science educational program and diversify your skillset. We have also collaborated with multiple hiring partners to provide high paying jobs to the students.
Full Stack Data Science Curriculum

Let's discuss each module one by one:

In the first module, you will learn the fundamentals of Python programming, understand various data structures in Python and get yourself familiar with object-oriented programming. Next, you will learn to do exploratory data analysis (which is almost 60% of what a Data Scientist does) using libraries such as NumPy and Pandas. Finally, you will learn to do Data Visualization using popular libraries such as Matplotlib and Seaborn.

In the second module, you will be learning popular analytics tools such as SQL, Excel and Tableau.

In the third module, you will learn all the essential mathematics required for Data Science. You will learn mathematical concepts such as Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability & Statistics. These concepts will be covered through visual experiments and hence, even if you have not studied mathematics in the past, you will be able to understand all the concepts easily.

In the fourth module, you will learn about a special class of Machine Learning algorithms known as Supervised machine learning, where you will develop the notions of classification and regression. You will learn about various algorithms such as Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machines, Neural Networks, Decision Trees and their ensembles. You will also become familiar with popular modeling techniques such as regularization, sampling, cross validation, handling class imbalance, hyper parameter tuning and much more.

In the fifth module, you will learn about another special class of machine learning algorithms known as unsupervised learning wherein you will develop understanding of algorithms such as principal component analysis, K-means clustering, hierarchical clustering, Gaussian Mixture Models etc.

In the sixth module, you will learn about Deep Learning - a field within machine learning based on a special algorithm Neural Networks. Deep learning has become tremendously popular and useful in the last 5 years. Furthermore, you will learn about Natural Language Processing techniques which are used to deal with textual and audio data.

In the seventh module, you will learn to deploy a machine learning model in production along with understanding of database technologies such as SQL. This is the module where you will learn how to convert projects into products.

Arpit Mehar
Content Developer Associate at AlmaBetter

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