Data Science Pro Program Learning Kit

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At AlmaBetter, we take responsibility for your learning outcomes, and we are committed to delivering them daily through our consistent efforts and innovative technologies. We at AlmaBetter work relentlessly to provide you with the best educational program; hence the Pro Program learning kit is designed to bring out the best in YOU.
Data Science Pro Program Learning Kit

Let’s go through each component of the learning kit one by one:

  1. Live Lectures

We provide you full access to join interactive live lectures where you can get your doubts resolved during the live class itself. You will also participate in gamified live quizzes. These lectures are delivered by industry experts and rich in industry-relevant content.

We start a live cohort every month or two. You can start attending classes with any cohort.

  1. Lecture Recordings & Materials

If in case you miss any of the live classes, or if the class timings do not suit your schedule, you can resort to lecture recordings and materials and learn at your own pace. You can use the discussion forum to get instant doubt support. You will be provided with assignments and quizzes to practice.

  1. Team Capstone Projects

At the end of each module, you will be doing a team Capstone project. At AlmaBetter, a capstone project is an excellent way to hone in your concepts, learn to collaborate in a team and develop excellent presentation and communication skills.

  1. Mentorship Sessions & Industry Talk

We also provide you with various resources to supplement your learning experience. Mentorship is one of them. You can schedule one-on-one mentorship sessions with our mentors. All our mentors are experienced working professionals placed at reputed companies.

Every Saturday, we invite an industry Data Science expert for an AMA session. You can interact with the professional and gain industrial exposure.

  1. Data Science Lab

We provide the most intuitive ways to learn Data Science through visual experiments. Our Data Science Lab will help you develop strong intuition of algorithms which is a must-have to crack nuanced interview questions.

  1. Competency Certification Challenges

Once you complete 4-5 topics in a module you can take a competency challenge. Competency challenges are a great way to solidify your conceptual learning and benchmark yourself with other Pro students.

Arpit Mehar
Content Developer Associate at AlmaBetter

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