AlmaBetter New Course Launch: Web Development with Web3 in Collaboration with Polygon

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Recently, several major media houses in the country published about the new Web Development with Web3 course launched by AlmaBetter in association with Polygon. Polygon is a leading decentralized Ethereum scaling platform. This collaboration aims to produce more than 30,000 Web3 developers by the end of March 2023, taking the total count of AlmaBetter students to 1 lakh. The articles contour the dire need to address the acute shortage of skilled developers in the crypto domain.
AlmaBetter New Course Launch: Web Development with Web3 in Collaboration with Polygon

This blog will walk you through the intricate details of the press release and the plans outlined therein.

Founded in September 2020, AlmaBetter is an Ed-AI platform offering Data Science and Web Development courses to students through a risk-free educational approach. With over 50,000 learners already enrolled, AlmaBetter is set to widen its horizons through the Web Development course. AlmaBetter aims to produce 30,000 Web Developers by the end of March 2023. While this is a bold promise, it is also a crucial step toward ensuring the gap between the skilled workforce and available positions is adequately bridged. To give more context to our readers, a study conducted by Belong found that a nominal 0.25% of the Indian software workforce is blockchain-ready. This data speaks volumes about the growing need for efficient Web3 developers today.

With the robust, top-in-class training offered by AlmaBetter, the firm sees high potential in upskilling young talent and giving them a competitive edge in the job market. AlmaBetter is also host to over 500 hiring and referral partners spread across several Indian cities and therefore, AlmaBetter graduates are hired by top names in the industry. Furthermore, over 70% of AlmaBetter students get placed even before the completion of AlmaBetter’s exclusive placement program. This can be attributed to the excellently engineered and intricately structured course content and industry-relevant curriculum. The course content has been carefully curated in association with Polygon, emphasizing key Web3 concepts that help make students job-ready and at the top of their game.

With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 87, AlmaBetter plans to bring more such offerings to the fore, helping create a dynamic educational ecosystem for young talents to thrive in. In addition, the partnership between AlmaBetter and Polygon will enable a cohesive environment for students to learn in, bringing together the best of training and technology under one roof.

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Meghdeep Patnaik
Head - Content and Social Media at AlmaBetter

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