What is Learning 3.0?

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The learning experience at any institute is an essential component for students. We at AlmaBetter believe in providing risk-free education and fun and a student-centered curriculum. We have come a long way from old learning systems, and AlmaBetter aims to revolutionize the learning experience for every Data Science enthusiast with Learning 3.0.
What is Learning 3.0?

Data Science is a vast field, and it takes a lot to start from scratch and build your future in this fantastic realm. A tremendous learning experience for students requires a well-designed curriculum; that's where AlmaBetter's Learning 3.0 comes in. AlmaBetter believes in democratizing quality education and is continuously working towards it.

What is Learning 3.0?

Before we discuss Learning 3.0, Let's understand 1.0 & 2.0. Learning 1.0 is the traditional learning method in offline school/college where students attend classes with their group for a fixed period of 5-6 days per week. Students connect with their friends, socialize with their peers, and directly access teachers/ professors for their queries. Students feel associated with the organization and have access to the alumni network for career and learning guidance. Students participate in discussions, extracurricular activities, prepare for the goal and have fun growing together in age and skill. Everything looks so positive, but here is the catch, students have to engage in a fixed period and be present physically to learn. It might sound okay, now let us consider working professionals as students looking to upskill or students who want to learn some skill that School does not provide. It will be tough for this segment to commit fixed timings and be physically present at multiple places.

Learning 2.0 is the program/course currently available on the Internet. Current programs offer self-paced learning and live lectures through an online setup that solve the problem of fixed timing and physical presence but miss the significant aspects such as peer learning, discussions, feeling of association with the organization, and direct access to doubt resolution. In the current online setup, students feel alone and quickly lose motivation towards learning.

Moreover, there are some other significant issues with the current education system -

  1. Lack of outcome-based learning
  2. Industry-relevant curriculum

AlmaBetter aims to tackle all the issues with Learning 3.0. Here are the key elements of Learning 3.0-

  • Outcome-Based Learning- Your fees get refunded once you complete the course and enroll in our job guarantee program. We charge our hiring partners by providing skilled employees and onboard you for payment after the placement agreement.
  • Student-Centred Curriculum- We focus on the curriculum required for the industry. We optimize our content based on the current requirements by industries.
  • Peer Learning for Students- Our curriculum focuses on 80% group discussions. All students are encouraged to interact with the cohort, form a team of 5 members, study, and discuss topics every day. This is to ensure peer learning for students and remain engaged throughout the program.
  • Live interaction sessions with industry experts- AlmaBetter conducts live interaction sessions with industry experts every day from Monday to Saturday between 8 PM -10 PM. This helps students to resolve their doubts and develop a solid understanding of concepts.
  • Monthly Mega- Event with amazing prizes- We encourage students to participate in personal branding. AlmaBetter organizes the monthly mega-event "Engagement Superstars" and prizes up to INR 1.5 lakhs.

AlmaBetter cares about its students and focuses on resolving all the issues throughout the journey. Learning 3.0 assists in providing the best learning experience and eliminates the problems students face during their journey.

Join AlmaBetter, the most student-centric institute, and start your journey with the revolutionized learning experience with Learning 3.0.

Arpit Mehar
Content Developer Associate at AlmaBetter

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